So today the boys & I finally got around to easing back into our history of the ancients (trying to get powered through it to start medieval times)  today.  Frodo read to us all about the  Celts, my personal faves, and we talked about all the pictures depicting every day life in ancient Celtic lands.  It also happens that our air conditioner is on the fritz, we are waiting for the real estate agent and repair guy to get their act together... but for now, we are HOT.   So, we managed to do quite a bit of reading and looking through the various books I got from the library, and Frodo even did his definitions (of Druid and Bard are the words of the day ;) before we decided it is just too hot to think, much less work!  Later when it cools off a bit, we're going to start a particularly cool Celtic shield craft project from this book.  

A command decision was made, by moi, to take a swim break!   So at this moment I am listening to the boys splash and giggle outside the window and I'm sure they will come back in MUCH cooler.  I love that we can take circumstances into account.. no kid should have to try to learn when they are sweltering,  there's just no productive way to go about it in Queenslands' heat! (man I'd hate to be in Melbourne at the moment.. it's been 43C/109F  there, we're sitting at a relatively comfortable 34C/94F  compared to that!)   A lot of schools here aren't air conditioned .. even the brand new school that Frodo went to prep at, had nothing but ceiling fans.  Thank goodness they're home, we can veg  and read, or watch a dvd or something and save anything requiring effort and brain power until the evening when it's cooler ;)  

(*totally no offence is intended to any readers who use the school system!  It's just days like this that make me appreciate the choice I've made ;) 

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  1. It's days like yours that make me appreciate the stories of your Australian heat. My American 9F/-13C is getting old. I want to go swimming, too! Of course, I sound like a picky 2 year old because I don't think I could tolerate Melbourne's 109F either!!

    Have fun with the Celts :)

  2. We shall live vicariously through each other! Put cold pics on your blog, and I'll put summer ones on mine for you lol.

    Tis typial Aussie weather.. extreme heat in one area or another on any given day ;) I shall have a dip in the pool for you later.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    We enjoyed some late-morning sledding. At some point today, we might even homeschool.

    Ah, who am I kidding. It is going on 4 p.m.! ;)

  4. Todd Says:

    Sounds hot there. Is it a dry or humid heat? Forgive the ignorance :)