But the repair dudes are useless and must put in work orders and see what their boss decides to do about our non functioning air con... while we sit here in 34C heat (HOT.. somewhere in the 90s) and wait.   My guess is that their boss decides to do whatever is cheapest and gets the unit functioning until the 'oops you are no longer in warranty' date of mid April.  If I owned this house, I would be concerned with that.. but as I do not, I just want my damn air conditioner to WORK. 

What does fung shui have to do with this? hehe  Not a great deal, except that I have picked up a feng shui book by Terra Collins, and have been Feng'ing my Shui around the house this last week (I just made that phrase up, and am hereby claiming copyright because it rocks, can I do that?)  I did some hardcore rearranging of the dining /family room (where said lump of plastic that is masquerading as an air conditioner lives) and it seems MUCH less like a bowling alley now. Here's a before and after :D 

 Before:  Behold the bowling alley... this room is 24ft long and 15ft wide., and I hated the way it was laid out as every bit of floor space was a part of the traffic path.   Lots of space and all of it useless!   There was a big space past the table, but it was a thoroughfare.  The energy of this room was of a hallway... and said 'get through here as fast as possible to get where you are going'  It wasn't the destination.

After:  MUUUCH better!  The dining table is in a bit of an unusual spot, it's against the kitchen peninsula counter.  The expedit shelving unit is forming a small room divider, because I wanted a place to put my treadmill that didn't feel like it was uglying up the whole room!   Walking through this room is now more like a leisurely stroll, whereas before it felt like an uncontrolled roll downhill lol.  It also creates several little nooks that are outside of the path of travel through the room.

Just to the right of the blue hutch is a good sized area in the corner where I want to put a small table for Merry to have an activity spot while brothers are doing schoolwork at the table.  To the left of the hutch is a nice sized area for reading or playing with small manipulatives and toys. Currently it's got a beanbag inhabiting, but I want to get a small rug and a couple of floor pillows. Just past the table is the large sliding door to our veranda and in the far corner is our ratties home.  And just on the other side of the expedit shelf, lives my treadmill.  And you can't even see it :D  So no ugly.   The art still needs to be rehung and I need to do something with the far wall and area.. I'm thinking another floor pillor or a chair for Sam to sit in while he cuddles the rats and such.  

The room FEELS so much better to be in already.  Strider & I used to take our coffee to the computer room, or the veranda .. but now we'll actually sit at the table and enjoy it because it doesn't feel like sitting in a hallway.  The energy of the room says 'slow down, relax, and enjoy' now!

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