Hard to believe, but us Aussies are getting ready to kick off the 2010 HS year already!   I guess times really does fly when you're having fun, because it hardly seems like half the holidays have passed!  Officially 'school' here starts on the 27th.. but I hate midweek starts, so we'll be commencing full studies on the 25th.    Between now and then we're easing back into schoolwork by doing one or two subjects a day.. most likely math and a little History. (to quickly cover the ancient Chinese and Aztecs, which we didn't get to before the holiday break)

We're going to continue using History Odyssey, but I'm not sure if I'll use the Story of the World with it again.  If I do, I'll pick & choose bits of it...and add in library selections that have more interesting info and pictures.  After a few weeks finishing up the last years ancients, we'll be on to Medieval times.  Hurrah for knights and castles!

We're also keeping MUS, despite it being pricey it really works well for the boys.   Sam will keep on with his Headsprout a few times a week, and we're adding in some Montessori type activities to go with it.  I got sandpaper sight words (in 3 levels even) and hope to get a movable alphabet so he can create words with it.  

For handwriting, we'll continue on with white-board usage for Sam.  His new personal white-board, complete with lines, has had him practicing all through the holidays!   Frodo has a white-board book with cursive practice.  Tis the year for learning cursive, especially since it must be ticked off on our state outcomes list by the end of grade 3 ;)  He WANTS to learn more of it though, so I think he'll fly through it.  

I've not picked exactly what we'll be doing for reading comprehension, but I think we'll continue working our way through First Language Lessons for grammar.  

I'm VERY excited about science this year.  I liked Mr. Q's Life science, but honestly I think it was a little TOO in depth at parts.  This year I have decided to create my own science curriculum, based around Magic school bus books!  The boys love the books, and they are readily available at the library as well as at (great site, free shipping worldwide!)  I haven't got it all worked out yet, but our main units will be 1.  The human body  2.  Space/the planets  3.  Earth!  and 4.  Forces of nature.

Each unit will have the MSB books that are related to it, plus I'll search our library for additional reading, dvd documentaries etc.  Then I'll round it out with activities/ experiments (either that I've found from my travels on the web, or self created) and activity sheets for things like labeling etc from places like Enchanted Learning.  I've already been asked by one person if I plan to share what I come up with either for a fee or for free!  I think that I will likely share it as a freebie once I get it worked out (since it's going to contain things that are reliant on memberships, and users may have to substitute books for some of the ones I use if they can't find them). 

When I have something somewhat workable, this will be where it shows up ;)  

This year I'm also testing out a new planning software.  I used one last year, but I discovered Homeschool Skedtrack and think that it is going to be great.  It's FREE,  and it's web based, so no matter where I am I can access it.  It has fabulous features like date projections (you put in assignments and it inserts them into the proper dates that match the days of the week you have set for that subject.)  If  you don't get something done, or feel your child needs more work on it, you simply don't tick it accomplished and the program bumps everything forward!  No manual rescheduling required!  We love this :D   

Off to the library now to pick up a pile of books for our history for the next few weeks... I even managed to snag one of the Horrible Histories books to try out!   The boys are excited to get started, as a 3 week break is about all they are good for ;)   And to be honest... so am I.

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  1. I've debated about the Horrible Histories - I hope you post a review :)

    We're still on break here but will be starting soon. The time off feels wonderful, though!


  2. Oh that it does! I'll be sure to let you know what we think of the HH's, I saw one by chance on the shelf & thought I'd give it a try :)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You're a homeschool inspiration!

  4. Hi Solsticemom ;) good to see ya dropping by! I don't think I'm so much an inspiration, as trying to find something that WORKS for my boys.

    We liked the science from last year... but it was dry often, and some of the activities did NOT work as they were supposed to *scowl* So when I bought Magic school bus books from the states, and he loved them? It was a total no brainer to give it a try! I'll totally share I promise ;)