There is just something special about watching a 7yo get excited about a trip to the library, even if it's the tiny library extension at the mall.   Today we had some errands to do that required both dh & I to be there, so we all piled into the car and popped up to the local shopping centre.  We were almost there when Frodo pipes up from the backseat... can we go to the library mum?  dad can take care of Sam & Merry and you can take me?    We've been busy with moving & cleaning & unpacking for the last two weeks and he's asked a couple of times to go... so how could we say no? :) Strider & I formulated a plan to meet at X location after we were finished with our book browsing, and Frodo grabbed my hand and off we went!  

He tried very hard to be quiet hehe, but he was just so excited!  Of course he requested books on Egypt straight away lol.    Egypt is a long running fascination.. starting way back when he was playing Luxor (a computer game) yonks ago.   It hasn't let up either,  we own numerous neato Eygpt books and several others that have bits on Egypt in I suggested some books on Archaeology since that's where we are in history, that idea was a big hit.   We came home with an archaeology book, one on Mesopotamia, Ancient China, a few Magic Treehouse books (he loves those :D )  and a mystery book he picked out himself.  There were a couple of story books as well, and two National Geographic mags that had ended up on the sale trolley that I intended to buy.. but they weren't supposed to be there so we checked them out instead.  

After we had quite the little stack of books, we took them to the counter and he handed over his very own library card (huge source of pride to him) and then he asked the librarian if she had any bookmarks lol.  He picked up his haul of books and off to meet dad we went.   We did our business, and ended up grabbing dinner out...  Sushi is WIN!  The kids were not in a sushi mood though, so they had McCrap.   I felt compelled to give them fruit when we got home to make up for that lol... and yogurt too ;) 

ps.  I realize I'm rather crap about photos lately in my posts... I sorta know where the camera is now, so I'll attempt to have a little more visual excitement from now on.  If anyone is out there ;) 

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