That moving sucks.  

We are move into our new place, but haven't finished unpacking or getting the what goes where sorted out yet, mainly because of the absurd cleaning required at the old place.  The place was a cobwebby, dusty, grotty mess when we moved in so why should *I* have to leave it any better than all the nastyness I wrote on the entry report?   Well, Yesterday I came to the FUCK IT moment.  I came home and told dh that anything else that got done, wouldn't be by my hands because I was D.O.N.E!   

I have washed & ironed curtains (that were filled with the nicotine stench of the owner that assualted my nose as soon as they hit the water), cleaned walls & cabinets and scrubbed shower & bath.. and even cleaned the disgusting window tracks (sliders) all through the house.  FFS, they were filled with at least a decades worth of dead bugs and grime.. it was foul.  But I soldiered on.  Then the vacuum cleaner clogged, I vacuumed that damn crapet weekly (sometimes more) and yet there was still enough crap in it to make a several inch long blockage in the hose of the vacuum.  As I sat on the floor trying to get the crap out.. I suddenly blew a gasket and yelled FUCK THIS!  and gathered my gear and left.   

DH went over and emptied stuff out, tidied some outdoors, and mopped.  He'll go mow the lawn & meet the crapet cleaner this afternoon after work and then the keys go back tomorrow.  I swear if that lady tries to ding us on one single thing, I will bury her body under the friggin pebbled area in the back yard that has been the bane of my weeding existence for 18months now.  

Ok... not really.. but by gods I'll want to!

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