We finally have our wireless adsl set up, thank the Gods... dialup was sending me mental.  Now I can loaf around and waste time on the net as per usual.  Wait.. I do more than that, honest! lol    My net time is my sanity saver... I have 3 little boys underfoot from dawn till dusk, so half an hour with a cuppa and hanging out on my fave message boards is just the thing :)  

I really don't have a damn thing to say at the moment, just wanted to show my face.  

Wait.. I do have something to say... we have found  a decent treadmill on sale and we're going to put one on layby tomorrow :)  I'm going to commit to using it for half an hour a day to start with and work my way up from there.  I have/had a gym membership, but honestly since my abrupt trip to the US late last year it has just seemed like a huge chore to find the time to go work out.   We won't have the treadmill probably for about 6weeks or so though :(  Which sucks because I'm feeling motivated by finding it and want to USE it dammit *sigh*

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