This is not one of my typical rambly posts, but I thought I'd share something with anyone that happens to wander past my little blog.

A very good friend of mine, SolsticeMom, is having a giveaway over at her blog.    She is giving away a copy of  this  book (see her blog for details!)  It looks to be just the most gorgeous book about showing our little ones how to live more in touch with nature as other cultures have done.  The artwork is just beautiful (as it is in all of their books.. just have a look at the preview page for Arthur of Albion *sigh*)  They also have a lot of VERY pagan friendly books *happy dance*

If you've never looked at a Barefoot book or their website, wow are you in for some eye candy.  I haven't actually ORDERED any books yet... mainly because our Australian dollar has been in the loo versus the USD recently so the exchange rate just KILLED any international ordering!  Things are looking up for the old AUD though so maybe soon I can.  (And my suitcases will be a bit heavier for my return trip from the US in a few months lol)  But for all you Americans, if you want your children to have beautiful books this is the place to go.    

So, make sure you stop by her blog and then go over to her Barefoot Books 'stall' and have a look!

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  1. Rambleman Says:

    Cool, although we're not looking for any books at the moment. Will keep this in mind though. Thanks.