Ahh the lovely Gold Coast of Queensland!   Now that I've finally recovered from the ordeal of trekking to the Gold Coast with three little boys, meeting mum & the 30odd other homeschool families for our Sea World excursion I thought I'd pop on and post some pics! It was a LONG day, but the kids had a fabulous time so that sorta makes up for the stress on me... at least mostly... and in hindsight ;)  

Our crew for the day was Me, Frodo, Sam & Merry plus Mum and the boys cousin L.   She scored big getting to skip school to go have fun with us at Sea World ;)   Blogger is being a booger and won't let me rearrange my photos... ok... I'm being a noob and I can't work out HOW to rearrange them lol.  So they are totally not in the order of our day (which is how I planned to write this post *sigh*)  But here we go...

The hand you see here is Mr Samwise... And that large thing is a very big manta ray!  Before I even confirmed by reading the handy sign posted nearby, he ran up and stuck his arm in the water up to his armpit... that child has no fear I tell you! lol.  I am fairly certain he molested (in the non pervish, cute 5yo way of course) every single manta ray and funky flat shark looking fish in that entire tank before we left.  He loved it!

Here is our crew at the entrace to Penguin Point.. Little Merry totally thought he 'penguis' were awesome.

Our 'school' group had a special treat after the Imagine dolphin show.  Here are the three main stars of the show doing their thing... the kids were fascinated.  After the show, one of the trainers came out and shared some of the methods they use to train the dolphins.  My boys were ... less than attentive *sigh*.. ah well, I enjoyed it hehehe.

When it became obvious my three rat bags were not going to behave themselves, we moved away from the main group so they could enjoy the dolphin talk.  And LOOK at what happened... the kids sat on the rock edge of the pool and the dolphins swam up and just stared intently at them.  I tell ya it was unreal.  The dolphin in the picture was *maybe* 2metres away from them.  And the boys... were utterly silent.

A very out of order pic of Sam with the 'penguis' as Merry calls them :)  They were quite cute, and funny little things.  We also hung out watching the polar bear play for a bit (NOT in the enclosure with the penguis I must add lol) but didn't get any shots of him. :(

And we had a peek at the Sesame street beach show of the day :)  I have a spectacular picture of Sam on the scaled down model of the Endeavour (the ship Captain James Cook sailed on to map the coastline of Australia way back when)  but apparently it has been eaten by blooger. (typo intentional ;) 

Like I said.. after a couple of days, and several midori illusions lol, I can say that it was a great day out!

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  1. Rambleman Says:

    Sounds and looks like a very fun day. Thanks for sharing it with us.