Here I sit, still stuck with shitty dialup internet.  How in the world does anyone in a civilized country live with this rubbish?!?!  AAPT, our esteemed internet service provider (not for bloody long though!) has shafted us for the SECOND move since we have been with them.  When we moved into the last place we weren't REALLY all that shocked that dsl wasn't immediately available.. it was an older neighborhood with ancient .. well ancient everything.  Fast forward 18months to now.  

We just moved into a new house, in a brand new development that touts its technological advancement.  There's even a super fancy box with all the telecom wiring and such and in the house there are several special outlets to plug into for high speed internet.   AAPT said yes, no problem having adsl at your new address Mr. Strider!  So we thought nothing of it, until we move in and then the story changes to 'oh, it will actually take 3-5days to process the internet transfer' then a day later it changed to 7-10 days.  Then the chick today said well actually your house has 'something pair' lines so you can't have this service at all sir.  Let me backtrack a moment...

We recieved our bill today for the last month from them, and it was ... odd.  It looked like we changed internet plans midmonth, which we did not.  So Strider calls them up and finds out eventually that there was a MASS upgrade to ADSL2 and that 'some customers' didn't get notified.  The adsl2 plan we were apparently upgraded to, without our consent, would have cost us 10bucks a month more. You can bet your ass the Telecommunications industry Ombudsman will be hearing from me... again.    I also happen to know that it costs the company a fuckload of money everytime a customer complaint comes to them and they have to get involved.   Enjoy it AAPT, it's what happens when you shaft your customers up the arse. 

Ok, back to the something pair lines.. it appears that they were trying to transfer adsl TWO here, which definitely won't work since adsl1 isn't here yet.  So I will get the immense satisfaction tomorrow of calling them up, again, and telling them to stick their application to transfer the dsl up their bums... and that our telephone and net will be going to Telstra wireless as soon as humanly possible.  

Choke on it assholes.

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  1. Rambleman Says:

    Wow, it certainly sounds like they suck. Good luck get your DSL soon. *hugs*