Thankfully.  After 10days off, the boys get a BIT stir crazy and want to do dumb things like as me to play the Wii at 6frickin15 am  *insert scowl*  and then repeatedly ask me!  

So today we got back in the saddle and EVERYONE is much happier for it.    I'm working on a routine where I watch Frodo's MUS lesson dvd with him, then set Sam up to do his Reading Eggs (independently!) while I 'supervise' Frodo in case he needs help.  Then Frodo works independently on one of his language arts workbooks (today was Grammar Once a Week, which he loves oddly enough lol) while I do the MUS dvd & lesson with Sam.  Seemed to work out pretty well  and got Both of their math & language out of the way for the day in under an hour :D   

After that we had a snack and then we all read the intro to Medieval times in the UILE, and Frodo defined Latin.  We're still waiting on some of the books needed to get really going on this, but we have a fair few library books that will keep us entertained until then :)  

Frodo also spied a printout on my desk of an "Idioms" game.  The idea is to read the sentence and decide what it really means when someone says 'it's raining cats & dogs' .. among others.  He had QUITE a chuckle at those.  It was actually intended for another time, but hey, he was interested then so get it while it's hot ;)

This post would be much longer, but yours truly has not learned that Blogger cannot be trusted and that all posts really MUST be written in word and then C&P'd into the post form... so blogger had a tasty snack of half of my post.   If it weren't late, and I weren't tired, I might try to rewrite it.  Not, I think, today though! :P

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    LOL! Isn't it funny how a break can throw everybody off?

    We... well, I have learned this year that "homeschool lite" is the way to go when we want to take a break. I still expect at least ONE topic a day to get done. I'm even going to try it during our 4-week-between-school-years-break this August.

    Glad you that everybody is happier! Routines can be so harmonious, can't they?

  2. I usually love to do hs lite! But we had a houseguest for 5days and that made even that impossible! Thankfully house guests are rare for us ;) (as in, this is the first time we have ever had one for more than overnight lol)