Not sure how that happened?  Doesn't SEEM like a week since I posted, I'm a very naughty blogger I guess ;)  It's been a pretty mellow week here, although a fair bit was accomplished.

Frodo's week 

Maths:  Frodo completed lesson 20 of MUS Beta, multiple digit subtraction (not regrouping yet) as well as how to check his answers for accuracy.  He did 3 lesson pages during the week & a systematic review.. just 'cause he likes those :)  

Language arts:  Grammar once a week - was on how to begin questions (ie, what words usually start a question);  Catching on to Comprehension was on classifying this week and had him classifying pets by various characteristics.  Spelling matters was the beginning of the 'magic e' words (a_e words).  The spelling was a bit easy for him but he got a bit of a challenge out of the extension activities though ;) 

Frodo also wrote a letter to his penpal on the weekend using his flash new dragon stationery and posted it off Monday.  He did a couple of pages of his cursive writing workbook as well.

With our history study for the week he did a couple of word activities, a word unscramble and a castle themed alphabetizing worksheet.  

Sam's week

Maths:  Sam did lesson 20 in his MUS Primer this week, he really could have gone ahead to 21 half way through the week but he enjoyed doing the review pages.  This lesson was on adding hundreds (100+200=) and he blew it out of the water by Wednesday.  Sam has a thing with coins lately, and did a bit of practice adding money as well (a 50c coin plus a 10c coin is 60c)

Language arts:  He did a few lessons of Reading Eggs this week, as well as a starting sounds activity (castle themed to go with history hehe) and got probably half correct.  Not the best, but a good start, so we'll keep working on that.  I printed out a nifty uppercase/lowercase alphabet matching game and I may print out some beginning sounds pictures to put on back of the cards before I laminate them.  (The typical A=apple, etc) 

Sam did a couple of pages of handwriting practice in his workbook and also spent a lot of time writing 'notes' to me (mainly drawing love hearts and writing his name hehehe...but very sweet and any practice is something!)

All Of Us 

History:  We read a chapter of Story of the World about the Glory of Rome, and had a lesson in Roman Numerals.     Our main history reading for the week was   'Adventures in the Middle Ages'  and it was a great book that the kids thoroughly enjoyed.   We also had porridge for breakfast, as that was a pretty typical Medieval times fare for your average villager.  The boys also poured over their new 'See Inside Castles' book about a zillion times.  I tell you, seeing what's under the flap will never bore my boys lol.  

Our craft for the week was getting a start on the boys Medieval style costumes.   The basis of those is going to be dark long pants, dads 'hippie' shirt (loose Indian cotton with toggles) and a belt.   Everything else we will be making with instructions from Days of Knights & Damsels.     This week was our peasants pocket (they didn't have pockets built into clothes, so they wore external pockets on their belt!)

Science:   We read our books on Jupiter this week, and worked on catching up on our lapbook mini books.  We did the Jupiter one, plus a few other ones that we had run out of time for last week.    I found a cool constellation activity, on Draco even (keeping with the history theme lol, even if on accident!), that the boys did and they also spent a fair bit of time on THIS website.  Lots of great educational games, animations and info pages courtesy of Nasa!  

Merry's week

Merry spent as much time outside as he could possibly get this week.   He's a much happier kid when he gets a few hours of outdoor time every day, so this works for me.   He's still loving his dragon games that I made for him and plays them for a while each day.  There was play doh (which took about .13seconds to draw the big brothers from where they were at) that was enjoyed by all.  He did a lot of drawing with colour pencils this week, and coloured in on a planet picture.  He will be a Picasso when he grows up as he has zero regards for 'the lines' and the idea of staying in them (not that I encourage it really ;) and just gleefully fills his paper with colour.   

I tried a nursery rhyme with him (Three Blind Mice) but he immediately started saying don't sing! stop singin!  as he always does LOL.  It doesn't matter what we sing, he!  I don't think my voice is THAT bad!

Next week will be a shorty, as Strider has a 3day weekend! (yay for 3 days off.. boo for not getting paid for that day LOL)   We'll have a 4 day wrap, but I'm sure there will be plenty going on in the Hobbit Household to share!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Your week was so productive! Much of what you are doing, we have done or are still doing this year. :)

    Hope this new week is a fun one!

  2. Great minds think alike Wendy? ;)