Mr. Merry has been getting VERY disruptive and cranky when the bigger brothers & I try to do any organized schoolwork lately!  So I've used playdoh (the brothers end up distracted wanting to play as well lol) and crayon colouring (works well enough, until he wants to reach over & scribble on one of the boys work!) with marginal success.    My recent replenishment of my printer toner brought to mind a very cute pdf of early educational activities I purchased a few months ago... with a castle & dragon theme! 

TOTALLY adorable.  

So, despite not having cardstock to mount it on, OR a laminator to run it through... I printed out a few of the activities anyway.   I'd link them... but sadly they are no longer listed on the site :(   Boy, am I glad I didn't wait to go back later to buy them!  But here's a shot of one of them...

 I didn't plan my picutre taking well, as there is no picture of both pieces.. ah well.   Underneath those stinkin CUTE dragons holding shapes... are castles with the same shapes.   The files are abotu 60odd pages long, so there are TONS of activities ranging from alphabet matching ones, to size sorting,  to shape & number matching.   

Merry already knows his shapes & colours, but he was just GIDDY at having mummy make a game just for him.   We were all required to take multiple turns playing HIS games with him.. which just delighted him to no end!

 Here's the little wizard playing his game (for about the 100th time I'm sure!)  I kid you not, he played this game on the rug for at least half an hour.. it was wonderful.  He was happy, the bigger boys were able to get a bit of writing done and such...and I was able to sit and laugh at Merry being so funny with his new activity.  

Yesterday he was asking repeatedly to do school with his brothers...  Today he was doing just that, well, as much as I would ever expect of a 3.5yr old!  And judging from how overjoyed he was to have his OWN 'school' to do... I'll be burning up the toner cartridges this weekend.  

And shopping for a laminator. 

3 Responses
  1. Todd Says:

    Looks like he's having a blast!

  2. Thanks Todd, he totally did. He was pulling me by the hand to go play with him up till the very moment he went to bed LOL.

    Funny thing.. when he was in 'preschool' he wanted to run and play with toys and avoided ANY activities like this!

  3. Todd Says:

    They grow-up so quickly and change often, it's amazing :-)