I may, or may not be back later to post.  As I had just written a relatively long post, saved several times.. and effing blogger ATE it!!!!!  It saved 3 stinkin lines, and it seems to be doing this regularly.  Yes, I realize the smart thing to do would be write in word and c&p.. but it shits me that I have to do that to get this bass ackwards site to work as intended.  

I'm going to have hot chocolate.. with whipped cream.. and possibly chocolate sprinkles.  And IF that's enough self medicating to make me feel better, I will return to REwrite my entire post.  But I wouldn't hold my breath....

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  1. Todd Says:

    About a blog writer? I use one called 'Zoundry Raven' that works well for me. It's at

    Hope to hear from your calm self soon. *hugs*

  2. :O blog writer..I have never heard of such a thing. Off to investigate, because blogger eating posts twice in a row really peeeesed me off!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Caz - sorry for leaving this note under your comments...I couldn't find an email link? If it's obvious...sorry! I suck!

    I'm just letting you know I had to move my blog (due to my own stupidity...) to

    Feel free to delete this comment...I just wanted to let YOU know in case you'd still like to read :)

    Hope to see ya around!


  4. EEK do I not have an email link on this template! Must remedy that... I still had ya in my list of followed blogs, so I just saw you post 87k blogs lol. Thankfully I've read all but the last 3 hehehe.