Squeeking in here at the 11th hour on Sunday night to post our weekly wrap up ;)    We had a fairly busy week, no days out this week as our home ed network is still on break between terms, so we got a lot of stuff accomplished.

Math:   Frodo & Sam both did lesson 19 of their MUS (Frodo's was on rounding, estimating and adding up to the 10thousands place with regrouping  ... Sam's was skip counting by 10's which he grasped really well.)

Language Arts:  Frodo learned about synonyms and statements vs questions in Grammar once a week (he already knew the latter but synonyms were new), using context clues to work out what a word or phrase means in Reading comprehension and did a LOT of reading.  He also wrote a fairly long letter (for an 8yr old) to his pen pal in the US.    

Sam did several lessons of  Reading Eggs, but when he got to lesson 10 he didn't pass the 'quiz' to go to the next map so he's doing the first lessons again :)  Which is fine by him, he enjoys them!   I'm going to be printing him out a 'moveable alphabet' so he & I can work together on cvc words and such as well. 

Science:  This week we started a rockin' lap book project to go along with our Solar System study!  I've been a bit lukewarm about lapbooks in the past, but now that the kids are able to do more of the cutting and such, it's MUCH less tedious for me! lol  You can find the 'space explorers' lapbook project FREE here!  I've linked her main lapbook page, because there are several more.  Some of them have more religious content than others (the space one has none) but all in all they are fabulously put together!  And FREE, which we love right? ;)  

 Here's a shot of the lap book thus far.  We've done the 'inner' planets as well as the books on the sun, stars as we've studied them already.. and one on the moon phases that the boys had to do.  Good little luna loving boys that they are ;) 

Sam will tell you that it supplies heat & light, of COURSE MUM. lol  (sun mini book)


Sam was very proud of his answer to this last one one... he probably could have written it, but he thought it was MUCH more fun to draw it ;) (the pics show it closed and then with all four 'points' opened)

History/ SOSE:  Our books for Medieval times finally arrived, as I posted earlier in the week (well, still waiting on one straggler!) We got stuck into reading the intro to the Middle ages, about castles & knights and had a brief look at Roman Numerals.  We'll review those here & there as we see them (clocks etc).  We watched a documentary called "Ancient Mysteries: Lost Castles of England"  which was about the Motte & bailey castles of the early 500yrs or so of the middle ages.   The boys were fascinated that there used to be WOODEN castles!  I also printed them out a Motte & bailey castle colouring page to occupy their hands while I read aloud,  that was a big hit.  Sam added knights to the tops of the towers on his castle hehehe.   

Art:  Nothing formal here this week, but there was lots of drawing and such going on as usual :) Sam has worked out how to draw a very nice love heart, and has delivered many to me sealed inside secret messages lol.  

Preschool:   This week Mr. Merry joined in a bit, he had his very own simple castle colouring page which he loved, and he built with the '25s' (what he calls the math u see blocks).  The big love of his life this week, is his new dragon & castle shape matching game, which I posted about yesterday ;)  I'll be adding to that repertoire as I find cool stuff that he'll enjoy!

And that's a wrap!

3 Responses
  1. Kez Says:

    Good week. I wish Billy was more into castles - I'm quite taken with them myself :)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    So impressive!

  3. Kez...I'm rather taken with them too, although that could just be fond memories of medieval faire's.. and the rogues that wander about them *gryn*

    Solsticemom.. hey you! sounds much more impressive than it really is in all honesty ;) But it really makes me realize just how much we DO do when I post these wrap ups! Did Roo's letter arrive yet? Frodo did it on his new fancy dragon paper :D