Due to total lack of interest.  Mine that is..  

I feel just horrid!  I appear to have what a friend has dubbed the 'man flu'.  In essence I have a cold, a really nasty one.  I ache, my head is a great big cotton ball.  My nose is plugged and I can't breath, my ears are plugged & I can't hear.  And it sucks.

And Sam... he now has a low grade temp and was up periodically all night with horrible coughing fits.  We're talking half awake, gasping for air in a panic coughing fits.  So yeah, after the first two of those there really wasn't much sleep to be had for me because I was worried that he'd have another and freak out if I wasn't there pretty quickly.   I'm rather concerned, since at the moment there is quite a rash of  Whooping cough cases locally, and it's very likely that we were exposed at a function we were at a a few weeks ago.  *insert scowl* A family that was also there came down with a case of it  about 10days ago.  The exposure would have been Jan 23...and Sam's cough started last Sunday.. perfect timing.  Might ring the doc for a house call tomorrow so we don't share it with the other patrons at the clinic, just to check it out.

Finally about 3am he seemed to settle down for the night.. and which point Merry appeared wanting in our bed *sigh*  Of course, when he is in a bed nobody is allowed to have ANY sheet or blanket covering their body.  Period.  So this arrangement lasted half an hour before I told dh to redposit him into his own bed for my sanity sake.  At least if I was going to be not sleeping, I wanted to do it in peace & quiet dammit.  And with my sheet!  

I had plans of math, spelling for Frodo, matching Headsprout cards with Sam, a bit of history reading about Ancient Africa and maybe wandering on to the Aztecs, and then a book on Earth! as part of our solar system unit.  

But what is ACTUALLY going to happen, is sweet stuff all.   Merry went off to kindy remarkably well, but I feel rather like I got hit by a bus, so the older two have spent their morning playing "chess" (in quotes because they have no earthly idea what they are doing lol, and neither do I so I can't show them, but they are having fun none the less :), building with legos, raiding the fruit stash fairly regularly all morning and just generally having a good morning.  

So all is not lost.

3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    POOR BABY! Take it easy, get better, and just let it go. Sometimes that is all we can do, right? :)

  2. Kez Says:

    Love the flexibility of homeschooling :)

  3. Todd Says:

    Hope everyone feels well soon! *hugs*