Kylie, over at Our Worlwide Classroom, has started a Home school blog hop and I thought I'd make an attempt to join in ;) (Not making any promises that I'll stay joined in.. cause I'm fairly hopeless about these things lol)

This weeks'  "theme" is Why?   It's interesting to hear how and why different families came to this amazing adventure called Home schooling and this is a great way to share that! 

In early 2007 a new, flash primary school opened in the neighborhood we lived in... just in time for Frodo to start prep!   I wasn't REALLY all that excited about it, but figured what the hell.. it's what you do.  It's what everybody does, it's what is *expected*... it's what is "NORMAL".  So we dutifully enrolled him and he loved it.  I, on the other hand, was stressed to no end.  I woke at a silly hour in order to get everyone ready and his lunch made.  Then we walked the  1.5km to school, up and down hills, with me pushing the monster double jogger pram.  We left home at 8am..and arrived *back* home at 9.30am, give or take.  Then at 2pm we made the same walk all over again. (we were a one car family at the time).  It was usually 4pm when we made it home, as we'd have to have a little stop at the park as small legs (and not so small ones!) got tired on that rather near mountainous walk.

It was tough, and I felt like our days were completely eaten up by this 'school' business.  We did have a few hours between the walks, during which the little guys napped and I cleaned house etc.   But we soldiered on, because it's just what you do.  I never considered any other option, even though I *had* heard of home schooling before.  Then the sicknesses began, merely a week or two into the school year even.  He was enrolled for about 6months total, and missed some 30days of school due to constant illness.  I didn't have to worry that he'd fall behind, since he was reading independently before he ever started school.  But I did worry about the toll all of this illness was having on him, as well as us as a family.  After the teacher called one day, and I had to call DH to drive home so I could pick up a sick kid (can't make the poor thing walk over a km home like that obviously) I said ENOUGH. 

Dh wasn't totally on board with hs'ing, but he figured it would be ok for the rest of prep... since Frodo wasn't really learning anything new ;)  So, with his teachers support, we pulled him.  The summer after that we made the choice that we'd continue for first grade as well.  

At the end of THAT year, it became obvious to me that my reasons for doing this had shifted greatly!  The mere idea of giving up the freedom we enjoyed was awful!  We enjoyed being able to choose the things that he learned about .. and when he'd learn about them.  Frodo also has impulsive and hyper behavior, as well as a possible auditory processing disorder.. so the idea of putting him in a classroom where he might be labelled a problem child?  No, I don't think so.

The final straw came just recently.  I was actually contemplating private school for the boys in a couple of years, so that I could return to University.  But it has become obvious that neither public, nor private schools can guarantee the safety of their students to a degree that I, as a mother, think is acceptable.  So, we will be at this gig for a LONG time to come!   And with THREE 'students' (I think I'll go with the term learners so I intimidate myself less lol) next year!!  

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  1. Lori Says:

    Thanks for sharing your "why"!

  2. Debbie Says:

    Great reasons! The safety issue has been a huge factor for us.

    I feel the schools are way too quick to label kids.

    Nice to meet you here on the blog hop. I will be spending time to look around. I will be following your blog as well.

  3. Kylie Says:

    Hey nice to see you joining in. :)

  4. Gabriele Says:

    I hear you about the illnesses and taking up your entire day! Those aren't our main reasons, but definitely ones that I keep in mind as 'cons' of public school! Thanks for sharing your "Why"!

  5. Thanks for popping by all :) Our why has changed and morphed a lot since we started this journey! One I forgot to list was that I LOVE that my kids can just be KIDS.. they can PLAY and do all the things kids should be doing, instead of sitting at a desk most of the day ;)

    Off to go reading the other hop blogs!

  6. Hi there! Nice to 'meet' you. It sounds like you really enjoy teaching your boys, isnt it fun? I can only imagine how you dont miss walking to and from school every day!!

  7. Todd Says:

    When ours were pre/kindergarden age we were going to enroll our now 17 yo dd in P.S., only to find out we missed the deadline to enroll. So we looked into private school. At the time ('96) there was only one near us. Not only was it a Xtian school, but it was like $6,000 a year for one student. About that time we got turned-on to the Internet, joined a homeschooling list, and decided that was the way to. It's been almost 18 years and we haven't looked back since. Our issue was the school bus driver where we were had a BAD reputation for kicking kids off the bus.

  8. Kez Says:

    I loved reading your 'why'! That walk to and from school would be enough of a reason for me :)

  9. We are also a one car family, and I was worried about finding a way to get my daughter to school as well. Then with her anxiety and my anxiety I just didn't think it would work. I love not having to worry about getting her some where and not having to worry about bedtimes and getting up early.
    Anyway love your reasoning : )