In one day! lol  I'm sitting here taking a break from our schoolwork, as the boys have done everything but Headsprout (sam), Reading comp (frodo) and a little handwriting practice in their workbooks.  I may ditch that last bit as Frodo did a lot of writing with our history odyssey stuff today ;)  Another benefit of homeschooling that one can decide ENOUGH and move along!  We're going to have a google for some sweet pictures of the planets & such this afternoon as well.. always fun.  

Anyway, the reason I'm taking this break is pretty irrelevant ;)  But while I'm doing so, I'm plotting.  You see, our 9th wedding anniversary is coming up in about a week and my MIL sprung on us Sunday that she was going to have a 'do' this coming saturday as it is Our anniversary, her & dad's anniversary and SIL's birthday all in the same week.  We weren't too excited about driving across town both days of the weekend, but then she said the magic words... 'oh you don't have to, I thought I'd take the boys for the night so you two can go out'!   So, we'll be going over for an afternoon thing on Saturday, and then we have a gift card to a restaurant that we'll polish off, and maybe go out for a fancy coffee or a movie.  Wow.. seeing a movie... together even.. IN A THEATRE!?!?!  This is a truly rare occurence in the Hobbit Household lol.   And.. we can follow it up by NOT having to race out of the house Sunday morning by 9am to get to swim lessons!  Life is good friends, really good :D  

Now, if you'll pardon me, I think I hear a cup of coffee calling my name from the kitchen ;) 

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4 Responses
  1. Kylie Says:

    enjoy it won't you!

  2. Oh you know I will Kylie! So giddy I'm not quite sure WHAT we'll do with ourselves lol

  3. Todd Says:

    Happy 9th! Hope your 'day' is much enjoyed! :-)