Today was our first FULL day of schoolwork for the year.  On the plan for Sam was Headsprout, Math U See, and handwriting practice in his new workbook (which he loved... something about a shiny new book I guess hehe) Frodo had Math U see, handwriting (learning cursive), grammar, science reading and spelling.  

It turns out Frodo has zero handwriting stamina.. his handwriting took him a little longer than it really needed to and he kept stretching his hand out.  I noticed the reason why later.. the child has a veritable death grip on his pencil!  If I held mine like that it wouldn't take long for my hand to collapse into a screaming cramp either.  SO, for now we are going to have to put spelling on the back burner (at least written spelling, we can still work on it other ways)  I'll also spend a lot of time working with him on a better, more relaxed grip so that in a month or so he might have worked up the ability to write for a reasonable amount of time.  For now we'll just have Grammar Once a Week , handwriting workbook to learn the entries & exits of cursive, and Catching onto Comprehension B which will account for most of his writing.  (science & History Odyssey have a bit, but not nearly this much).  

There was also a crucial scheduling mistake by moi... the Magic School Bus book we were going to start our science year with is NOT the one I thought I had!  Nor is it one our library has *sigh* So the one unit of science I've completely written up?  Is not the one we're going to end up starting with LOL.  So, I best get off my rear and get the Earth unit written up so we can start that at least.. since I actually POSSESS the book ;)   Kind of a bummer though, I was so looking forward to sticking my many xrays (including ultrasounds of the kids in utero, hand, chest and hip xrays!)  to the sliding glass doors.  I'm sure the neighbors will think I'm insane *gryn*  

Other than the handwriting woes (although his writing WAS very tidy) and the book that isn't.. the day went very, very well :D

4 Responses
  1. Todd Says:

    Sounds like a plan. Home education IS all about flexibility :-)

  2. That's it Todd... and we're totally rockin the flexibility angle here ;)

    I just happened to catch a glimpse of your timer blurb on my dashboard.. awesome idea.. not that I ever get sucked into the web *looks innocent* (that's why I haven't read ANY blogs today!) Trying to get us done with 'schoolwork' by 11am most days which means LESS computer time. Will pop by later though ;)

  3. It's funny how the homeschool energy dwindles so fast. We are a little over 3 months into homeschooling and Roo is definitely not the eager boy he was in the beginning.
    I need ideas for keeping it fun!

  4. I think my problem is just my general energy for everything is low at the moment BBLiz. The boys STILL wake me up at stupid o'clock to do their math and such LOL. Hit me up on fb and we can brainstorm what might liven things up a bit for Roo :)