Tonight I made beef stroganoff for tea (that's dinner for you yanks ;) with alittle corn on the side & bread rolls for the kids.  For the grown ups we had something I was sure that neither of the boys would touch with a 10 foot fork, and I knew without a doubt that Merry wouldn't eat (as it clearly does not resemble a peanut butter & jam sammich in any way).  My dearest and I looked greatly forward to this feast of yumminess with butter & salt to make them just perfect and were totally devastated (well not so much really, as shocked out of our chairs) by the words "Can I try one of those?" and "hey what are those, and where's ours??"  *sigh*   

Oh fine,  parents always complain about their kids not eating veggies so I guess we really HAVE to let them try one.  But surely they will not really eat them.. so it's only two tiny bites 'wasted'.   Well.. they friggin LIKED them!?!?  My children have surely been abducted by aliens and replaced by someone(s) closely resembling them.. because never.. ever.. in a million years... would I expect them to try, let alone LIKE...   

Brussel sprouts!?!??  I am so shocked to my core, that I do believe I'm going to have to have a glass of Baileys' .. on the rocks please.    Anyone else care to join me? ;)

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5 Responses
  1. Rambleman Says:

    We'd be in shock if our kids ever tried those too. Then again, unless they order them at a restaurant they won't have the chance.

  2. LOL poor brussel sprouts, the much maligned veggie. hehehe. I actually love them, I have decided to try growing them next fall simply because they look totally freaky! The plant looks like a mutant mini palm tree with all these little sprouts up the trunk lol.

  3. Kylie Says:

    ROFL!!! My kids wouldn't touch them with a 10 foot pole, but then neither would I hehehehe.....but hey they liked some vegies so that's a good thing right!

  4. boatbaby Says:

    I wouldn't touch them with a 10 foot pole either.... eeek! But my 5 year old loves kale and mushrooms. Go figure.

  5. majikfaerie Says:

    ew! Brussels Sprouts are the only vegetable I never grew into as an adult. My DD would probably never try them coz we never have them in the house LOL
    but if there's a Bailey's going, count me in :D