Today was a pretty typical day at home for us.  The boybarians did really well and chewed through their 'schoolwork' by 1230 today... We had a bit of math for Frodo & Sam, some tracing/handwriting practice for Sam, and Frodo read a chapter of the science curriculum that he likes and we searched up some activity pages to go with it. (I just finally picked up a years membership to Enchanted Learning which I can already see is going to be well worth the 20ish bucks!)   He also got out their 'book bank' full of science books and found an insect book to go with this weeks chapter, without any suggestion from me. Sam did a Headsprout lesson and we did a bit of drawing and such for fun.   Sam is SO wanting to be able to read cool stuff like his big brother and he's a bit bummed that it's taking so loooooong lol.   

We're supposed to make zucchini mini quiche today, but it's SO STINKING HOT that I think that will have to wait till this evening!  No way am I cranking the oven up when it's 34C (somewhere in the mid 90sF)   I have belly dance class tonight, which I'm very much looking forward to!, so it'll be a late evening undertaking to be sure.  But a tasty one ;)  If I can be bothered after shimmying by buns off for an hour and 15mins anyway!

Sam & I started plotting our Spring altar (although honestly it feels like it's already summer here... 'they'  are predicting a nasty summer for us)  and I plan to pull out the Altar mini workshop ideas I stashed for a MDC pagan mamas camp, that didn't happen, and make a few creations to beautify it a bit.   I have terra cotta clay to make my own new Goddess with (my current 'Nile' goddess has sadly lost the tips of her hands), a totally cute little star wand that I'm going to let the kids decorate, some fabric to make an altar cloth representing the elements and a few other bits & peices.   I'll definitely share pics, and possibly post my little workshop here as well.   

2 Responses
  1. "Boybarians"... LOL

    Sounds like a good day. Bellydancing is always enjoyable.

    As you approach spring, we approach autumn in Korea. :) Time to change my altar soon too!

  2. I know, isn't it a strange! You're basically directly north of me by 10hrs.. yet totally on the other end of the year. Obviously I know the science behind it.. but it's still fascinating :)

    And yes, I love belly dance! I took classes a few yrs ago for 1yr, but had to stop & I missed it so much. It really helps you see that ALL women are the face of the Goddess :)