These are photos of the beach, taken from the balcony of our hotel room.  You can see my Celtic inclinations coming through in the timing of these pics lol... All taken at/near sunset or at midnight.  There is something magical about the spot where the land, sea and sky all meet and I can totally see why the Celts thought these places were between the Worlds and between times.  

The shore is one of my favourite places,  when I'm in a funk or something weighs heavily on my mind I am often called to the beach.  Oddly enough it usually tends to be overcast & windy, mirroring my my.. or does my mood mirror it?  I visualize all my worries being carried away with the tide.  It never fails to lighten my heart.  Jon has been through an awful year, losing the love of his life in the accident that nearly claimed his own life, and I thought that he could benefit from a bit of coastline magic.  

And here are pics of me with D, my 16yo (making a goofy face as per usual!) and Jon himself, on the beach.   We had an amazing time, and it was healing all around to have this time together.  Jon's looking pretty damn spritely for a young man who was never expected to make it to the hospital isn't he?  I don't think he'll ever understand just how proud I am of him, I don't know that I would have wanted to survive but this young man has just soldiered on and honours her memory every single day.  
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  1. Rambleman Says:

    The beach looks so inviting. Great pics!