shot straight to shit!  Today started off as a nice quiet day.. coffee on the veranda while the kids played, a bit of housework.. the usual stuff.  I even started baking a lemon slice (note to self, share recipe!) and then.. *sniff sniff*  What is that smell.. that smells like SMOKE!   

So what do I do?  I of course send DH off outdoors to see WTF is going on and he comes back and says I think I need to ring the fire department!   They thankfully already had trucks on the way out.  The first shot shows the fire just after DH called 000 (our equiv of 911)

These were the scenes we were met with when we stepped out the front door.  We were told we'd be notified by emergency services if the fire became a serious thread to any homes, in which case we'd need to evacuate, but that for now we were safe as the fire fighters were working to contain the fire.  The second photo was taken looking over our back fence,  the woods are probably 100metres away, if that.  There is a bit of wetlands between us & them which provides a little buffer.  At the worst of it, the smoke in this picture obscured the trees to where they were all shadows.

The fire grew to this in a matter of a few minutes.  Just after this shot the fire engines came through.  Mr. Sam HAD to go put on his firemans costume because this reinforced to him that firefighters are clearly the most awesome people on the planet!

The fire crews started a bit of back burning to starve the fire of fuel the closer it got to homes, if it came to that.  So all that extra smoke is a good thing, if a bit scary looking!  That pic was taken from our front yard,  the firetrucks are 3 houses down from us.  After about 2hours, the smoke has thinned considerably, although there are still good clouds of it billowing past out back.  It's nowhere near as thick and icky as it was!   

Life seems back to normal now,  we're getting ready to settle down for a nice bolognese dinner with yummy garlic bread.. the kids will have a bath, and hubby & I will go and smash a big ole dragon in Obsidian Sanctum with some mates.  But for a  few hours this afternoon, we were waiting for a call to evacuate our home and being MIGHTY glad we'd purchased contents insurance for our stuff when we moved in here!

I sincerely hope everyone else's day has been far less eventful than ours!

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  1. Oh nooo! Was this a wildfire or a home on fire nearby? Eek... Hoping you have a less dramatically eventful week.

    Garlic bread - tasty!

  2. Thanks Wendy. I'm not sure if it's totally out, still stinks of smoke if you open a window! We have had a 5yr or so drought (technically broken now) which left us with an abundance of dry, dead underbrush so wildfires like this are frighteningly easy to get started :(

  3. Desiree Says:

    That is so scary. I'm glad it's all fine now!

  4. Thanks Desiree :) It's even better now that mother nature decided we needed some rain last night! There is still a faint whiff of smoke in the air, but a night of steady slow rain has surely put the fire to bed permanently.