A day or two after I got home, I went & had a manicure (yeah I know, but I love my nails.. it's my one really girly pleasure ;) and today I christened my newly polished manicure by hitting the garden centre!   I like nothing more than getting my hands in the dirt and growing (or attempting at least!) to grow some of our own veggies.    While I was away, the weather here warmed up considerably... so in the space of 3 weeks half my veggies bolted to seed *sigh*.   That's ok though, it just means I can plant more! lol

My visit to the garden centre today netted me 2 nice looking capsicum plants, a 6pack of green beans, 1 variegated thyme, 1 garlic chives, 1 purple basil *yum*, 4 black beauty zucchini, 1 sage seedling, and 4 cucumbers =D      All area happily potted up on the veranda even as I type.  The kids love to help plant things so of course they were in the middle of everything.  

Since we rent this house, and I doubt the owners would appreciate us digging up their 'nice' new turfed yard (nice is in quotes because there is no topsoil under said turf, and it looks pathetic.. a veggie patch would surely look MUCH nicer hehehe).  I've had moderate success over the past couple of years with my veggie gardening attempts and each season I seem to get a little better at it.    

The pitiful little tomato plants that hubby picked up about a month ago have been nursed to a much better condition (seasol is brilliant stuff), and with the warmer weather they're actually starting to grow now.  We're still munching sugar snap peas, although few of them make it to a cookpot... the kids steal them off the vines lol, but we might have enough out there to go in a fried rice tomorrow.   And the golden zucchini has about 8 or so fruit starting to grow!   

As soon as the sun disappears behind the trees, I think I shall have to adjourn to the veranda with a cup of coffee and admire our handiwork.

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