Today I was finally able to take Merry back to kindy, he was thrilled beyond belief and would have none of breakfast... but did finally agree to eat some yogurt.  All he said from the moment he woke up was 'go for drive in da car!'  So we did.  He couldn't be bothered giving his old mum a cuddle before I left even, c'est la vie.  Me & the other two arrived home and I promptly collapsed into bed while letting them play Connect 4 and the other board games that Merry simply must disrupt if he's around.  Win win situation if you ask me.

I woke up just as DH came in from work at lunch time and was still feeling a bit run down to actually try to DO anything.   After thinking for a few minutes I decided what more perfect way to waste a couple of hours than to hit Eden Seeds  website and drool over their selection.   I love this company.. they forever won my business when I received a hand written note thanking me for my order in my very first purchase!  Awesome people, awesome business.  I swear, if I tried to grow everything that caught my fancy... I'd need an acre of solid garden space lol.  

I'd love to grow broccoli & cauliflour, rockmelon (cantaloupe for y'all in the US), multiple tomato varieties, climbing beans, peas (which I am growing :D), corn AND popcorn.. the kids would adore that one,  and last but definitely not least (hell, probably not even last really lol) good ole South Georgia Collard greens *sigh*   That's a little slice of home.    Oh, and I really NEED to grow these ,

because they are simply the coolest looking watermelon EVER.   And wow, what a bit of crappy formatting that is eh?

For now though, I'll have to settle with my myriad selection of potted veggies as I'm sure the owners of this brand new house really wouldn't like me decimating their lawn or garden beds to grow watermelon & pumpkin & popcorn ;)   But a girl can certainly spend a couple of hours on a rainy sick day dreaming, can't she? 

4 Responses
  1. Rambleman Says:

    To answer the last question... you already know the answer *smile* Hope you feel better real soon.

  2. Misti Says:

    Heh We *are* growing the Moon and Stars watermelon this year (it being summer here). If we have any produce, I shall be happy to share (pictures, at least) ;)

  3. Oh awesome Misti! I hope you have success... and yeah pics will have to do, I'm not sure how shipping a melon via post to Australia would go? LOL

  4. Misti Says:

    Yeah -- and out next trip "home" isn't planned for another two years. (Give or take an emergency trip to Brizzy for my DH).