At least sort of,  or they could be death twitches.. I'm not sure yet.    Along about tuesday night (tail end of day 4 of this crap) my body decided that throwing gasping for air into the mix would be fun.  Obviously as soon as humanly possible I had DH take me to the doc  where she took the usual vital signs etc.  She asked if the white 'spots' on my tongue were normal for me and had me look in the mirror.. OMG my tongue was blue & white lol.  (the blue was gatorade which I survived that first week on).  NO no no this is not normal, get it off! was pretty much the gist of my reply.  

Then she had a listen to my chest and told me what I sorta knew was coming at this point, 'Mrs. M, it appears you have pneumonia'  *splat*  No effing way?!?!   But alas, she was not joking.  So off to the chemist I go with not one, but two scripts for antibiotics in hand (well hubby did, I can barely hoist myself out of the car without collapsing at this point) and orders for lots of fluid and rest.  Dh has been cleaning out the supermarket of my favorite gatorade flavour every other day or so, it's very handy since antibiotics taste like dirt.. and a chest full of infected crud makes everything else taste just rotten.  

On the upside (see, I'm being optomistic!) DH swears I look like I've dropped about 8kg. hehe  Then again, when nothing but gatorade and ibuprofen passes your lips for a week, you're pretty much assured that'll happen.  NOT my preferred way to kick start a 'diet' .. but I suppose if I have to be THIS DAMN MISERABLE, at least losing a few kg along the way is a small silver lining ;)

Today I am a *wee bit* better...I can sit at the puter for a few :D and I've been able to eat a bit of this and that, and even drink a couple of half cups of coffee. (oh blessed elixir of the Goddess!)  Breathing still isn't like it should be by half, but at least the temp is mostly gone and I can almost pretend to be human again.  It will probably be another 10days or so before I'm back to blogging 'regulary' (if I was blogging regularly before lol) But I think I'm probably going to survive, and I just thought I'd share that :P

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