Goodbye evergreen bunching shallots, farewell cos lettuce... you were with us only briefly but you will be missed in our salads forever.  Or at least until I start some more seeds... Merry decided to make himself, well, merry... by dumping out two of our newly started seed punnets today *sigh*   Life with a 3yo is sometimes enough to make me mental ...but I did have to laugh as I came out and he was gleefully digging with my mini garden fork in the little pile of dirt that used to be in the punnets that were tossed about.     Ah well, at least they were 1 day in the dirt, and not ready to be transplanted!   I rather doubt I'd have laughed at that point lol.  

A moment of silence for my dearly departed future veggies please....

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  1. mrsb Says:

    I've never met another person who's read Prince Ombra, lol! I was thrilled to death to read your comment on my blog. I've carried that book around through many moves, kept it safe from sticky, drooling children, claw sharpening cats and a dog that seemed to think that books were glued together with gravy.

    Sorry about those seedlings, too! I bet he was having a blast with that dirt, lol!

  2. Hehehe Shhhh, don't tell what you know ;)