Happy belated Litha for you Northern hemisphere folks...and winter solstice for my neighbors down south!  We had a very quiet solstice really,  I'm still getting over being sick so just wasn't up for a great deal of hoopla.   The boys & I did dress up our altar, at least's not up to our usual standards really, but better than nothing!   

The boys had to have Father Winter (who's actually Santa from our Christmas decoration collection lol)  and some pretty starry garland and some of the more exciting tree baubles to decorate with.  My sole contribution is the gold painted WINTER mdf letters ;)  The flat round thing in the middle is a palmprint 'pentacle' Mr. Frodo made a couple of years ago.  It's got the chant 'Earth my body, Water my blood,  Air my breath,  Fire my spirit' circling the handprint.    To the left you see Sam's hand 'fixing' something.. he's constantly rearranging it and playing with all the goodies.   He just can't resist lol!  

Last, but not least, there may be some major life changes that would result in a big change on my little blog.  No decisions have been made at this point so stay tuned for updates.

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2 Responses
  1. Misti Says:

    I hope that all is well!

  2. Rambleman Says:

    You have a really nice altar. Hope you're up to 100% soon and the life changing/altering news is good for everyone. *HUGS*