Today the ratbag (Merry hehe) finally went back to preschool.  Of course he had to pick THIS day to sleep in till past 8am though, and I was not about to wake him up & deal with much crankiness... so we made a late appearance ;)   The other two and I came home to potter in the garden,  it seemed rather fitting, since Frodo's science this week was on plant structure and photosynthesis!

 We started quite a few new seeds.. some bok choi (can never have too much), grape & black russian tomatos (yum, the ones out there are dyyyyin), shallots and cos lettuce.  We also put some corn seeds out in the garden bed with the shrubs just for fun... they may or may not come up though, because the soil there is quite crapola.  But we can always hope for some fresh sweetcorn *drool*  

No photos though, mainly because my hands were filthy from helping the boys plant lol.  Then again... theirs were a mess as well!

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  1. Rambleman Says:

    Sounds like a pleasantly dirt-ridden day.