So I'm finally feeling *mostly* better.. but as is typical, just before that happens someone else has to get sick.  Poor little Merry started with the fever and spews on Saturday... we finally were able to get a doc out to see him (let's hear it for house calls!) and he has a lovely ear & throat infection.  I was lucky to find a chemist open, as it was a public holiday here.. but I got his antibiotics and fever reducers, much to Merry's dismay.   Let's just say he is NOT amused with taking them and proceeds to shriek the walls down at every single dosing *sigh*  Ah well, this too shall pass.   He has been a tad perkier today and had a nice long nap and then consented to eat something... nothing nutritious mind you, just Snakatas hehehe.  

I must share about his guardian bear there... that white teddy is pretty sad looking, rather threadbare and flat.  But he has been comforting little ones in DH's family for OVER 35 YEARS!  It belonged to hubbys' older cousin, then his older brother, etc etc etc.  Family heirloom bear :)

Anyway, while he had a nice long snooze, Frodo, Sam & I decided to get back into the swing of schoolwork now that mum can almost talk normally and doesn't feel like she was hit by a truck lol.   The boys decorated their History Odyssey notebooks collage style, using great graphics I googled up online.  They were very pleased with their results!   Then we read about the two Kingdoms of ancient Egypt, why Lower & Upper Egypt 'seemed' to be reversed back then, and the types of food they ate. We did our long awaited project, Overnight Fig Bread! (ok, it was on the schedule nearly 3weeks ago when I got sick so not *that* long awaited ;)

Here's Frodo measuring the salt into the yeast, water & honey mixture mum already had started.   I have the most pedantic child ever.. it had to be a TOTALLY level 1/4tsp hehehe.

Samwise stirring in the flours.  It was supposed to have barley flour & wholemeal... but barley flour was impossible to find so we just went with plain & WW.  Unfortunately it won't be a 'heavy' style bread like the Egyptians would have eaten, but the kids will still think it's cool to eat something like an ancient Egyptian might have eaten.

And here they are rolling out their dough 'snakes', and Samwise cheering when they had them all scrolled up.   They are currently waiting in the oven rising, they are supposed to wait 6-8hrs OR overnight.  I think we're going to bake ours shortly as they seemed to be getting HUGE lol.  

***Just thought I'd edit to add that we did bake them tonight.  We drizzled them with a little honey and they were VERY nice!  They were slightly heavy/chewy so I can only imagine how much moreso they would have been made with the proper barley flour.  The boys are still enjoying the fruits of their labours as an after dinner treat.***

The kids seemed very happy to get back into the routine.  Frodo wanted to do some Math so he cranked out a couple of pages of that... subtracting doubles today, easy peasy.     I'm seriously hoping Merry is feeling better by Friday so we can go to our extra curricular day!

 Then in a fortnight we have our end of term excursion... we're going to Steve Irwin's  Australia Zoo!  I've been once, about 7yrs ago, but they have some some extensive improvements and I'm looking forward to sharing it with the boys!

Until next time...

3 Responses
  1. Misti Says:

    Could you point me at the recipe for that Overnight Fig Bread? Sounds yummy!

  2. mrsb Says:

    Hope everyone will be on the mend and better soon! You poor things!

  3. Misti Says:

    Ahh, you're probably right about the copyright issue...and I suppose it's not published on the web. Can you tell me the name of the book?