Sadly we are not home the exciting, world traveling type home schoolers ;)  But here is a day in our life!

0550:  Awaked by Merry who is wanting to know if he can play with Sam's new toy (gift from nana, both younger boys insanely obsessed by it) GO back to bed is the reply, hide under covers for half an hour, vowing that tomorrow morning the door is to be locked by dh as he departs for work lol.

0700:  Get the schoolers all geared up in uniforms, make lunches etc.    Breaky all around, coffee for me .. that I never got to even touch *sigh*  Not a good sign for the day! lol

0830:  Put Frodo on T4L to work while I took the 2 schoolers to school (his teenage brother is home), came home & remade coffee while the kiddo finished his language arts online.  Hung out a load of laundry before getting started with other stuff.

0900ish:  Growl at real estate agent regarding our current leaky roof and useless builders :)  Ignore call from my boss, then leave him a msg on voicemail that I am not available until 2pm and to please call me then! (apparently sahm means you have nothing to do all day long)     Watch Math U See dvd lesson with Frodo, he does a couple of practice pages.

0945: History Odyssey time.  Today it's the Intro to Ancient Egypt history pocket which includes some vocabulary, some map work and some crafty stuff along with some reading.  Frodo decides we need to find his name in Hieroglyphs so that he can put that on the front of his History Pocket 'book' instead of English hehe.

1130:  Still at it, sidetracked by annoying big brother who came out of his cave for food lol.  Frodo checking out what a 'shaduf' is and how it works.  Frodo finishes up by doing a 'Summing it up' page for the pocket.
Frodo, deep in thought :)

1200:  Lunch... Frodo helps make what we called one eyed gypsies growing up (yeah, we weren't on the politically correct bandwagon back in the day lol)

1230:  Timez Attack!  Frodo is working hard on his times tables, he has struggled with them in school but is catching on pretty well now which will make future math SO much easier.  He spent about half an hour playing that and made it through the 4's level so I let him have about 15minutes on Luxor (marble matching/shooting game) to chill.

Timez Attack, BRILLIANT math program!  Ignore dh's messy desk lol
1pm:  Yesterday in his Science with Dr. Joe, he learned about friction and made a cool little climbing dude that uses friction to travel along a string so today we're watching Bill Nye the Science Guy's Friction episode. (we have about 100 episodes of Bill Nye,  my teenager LOVED him growing up and insisted his brothers had to have Bill! lol).  Makes science totally fun.  This show is awesome :) (but no,  I did not pay that much $$ for it!! It came to me by another road :P)

230:  Frodo goes WOOP!  as I tell him that yes, he can finally play Minecraft while I go and get his brothers from school lol!

250:  Back from the school run, homework (reading eggs & mathletics plus take home readers) for the school goers.  Frodo usually gets to choose a book to read on his own but today is going to use Google Translate to get caught up on the first two weeks of Spanish that he missed when our car was in the car morgue.

300:  Study time for me :)  I'm starting a distance program at USQ and my intro pack arrived today :D  Little schoolers did their homework.

400:  Started  dinner (silverside & roast veggies, OM NOM NOM hehe) .. kids played on the computers while we cooked.

500:  Dinner time for the hobbit household.. a little Global Village on tele after.

530: onward.. insanity ensues as Merry is incredibly crabby and doesn't want to go to the toilet *sigh*

600pm:  I need coffee.... with bailey's if I can get it lol.

645:  children off to bed to read,  they don't actually go to sleep for at least 45minutes... but they enjoy having reading time before bed... and I enjoy the peace & quiet, such as it is! lol

It's only 7pm, and I won't get to bed until at least 10pm (ha, if I'm lucky)  But the rest of the evening consists of reminding the boys they are going to SLEEP (they seem to forget frequently lol), cleaning up after dinner, folding laundry that i washed & dried earlier in the day, and finally blobbing out with my hunny who has scored a day off work tomorrow (and can stay up later than the kids for a change hehe)

I hope you have enjoyed a peek at our somewhat boring home schooling day!
5 Responses
  1. pasmit Says:

    mmm Baileys in the coffee sounds great! What time do you think is 'too early' for that? :)
    I will have to check out that science guy....sounds interesting.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Not boring at all, a great day! I can't believe you will be able to squeeze in some study time for yourself. That's wonderful! Hhhhmmm, so jealous about your Bill Nye dvd's.... :)

  3. Caz Says:

    Pasmit.. well.. it's *always* 5pm somewhere, right? ;)

    April... well, I JUST started at Uni lol (like just recieved my first packet of study materials today hehe) So whether I lose the plot later on remains to be seen.. or heard!

    To be sure, there will likely be some amusing posts about my insanity and what on earth was I thinking lol.

    Thanks for visiting ladies :)

  4. Chareen Says:

    You're brave studying :) I've toyed with the idea but decided I don't have the energy with teens in the house. Maybe one day.

    Thanks for sharing

  5. Erin Says:

    Not boring at all, rather productive. Must have unique challenges juggling two/three timetables; school goers, homeschool and your study!