It was in the works for over 6 weeks, and eagerly awaited... mum was taking all 3 little boys so DH & I could run away to the Gold Coast for a weekend anniversary getaway!  This is what mother nature had to say about that...

cranky ole meanie! lol

It rained.. and RAINED, it's backside off pretty much the entire weekend! lol.  We weren't too fussed though, we still had a great time... just the peace & quiet alone was worth it !!!  

This is our little cabin, taken during one of the breaks in the rain.  Blogger is being mental, thus the wonky formatting. GRRR.  It was a cute little place with a small kitchen, living dining area, separate bedroom with ensuite.  Perfect for a weekend away :)

We grabbed our favourite gourmet pizza Friday night and vegged out watching movies and snuggling on the couch.  Saturday morning we hit the most massive shopping centre ever, and had posh coffee & sushi for lunch.  We picked up a zippy chili calamari salad too that near killed me lol.

We also popped over to the beach when there was a little bit of a break... if you look closely you can see a teeny bit of blue sky even :)   I love the beach when it's windy & overcast ... 

And I LOVE the feel of my feet in the sand :)

Here's a shot of the beach with the Gold Coast cbd (city business district for my American friends) in the background.  You can see it was already raining there again!

It was a little hard to tell when it actually started raining due to the sea spray in the air from the wind... so we had a MAD dash up the beach & back to the car!  Just barely beat a drenching lol

This little guy washed up with the surf... isn't he COOL looking?  All I know is he's some sort of jellyfish, marine biologist I am not hehe.  We knew enough not to touch him (some jellyfish are deadly I think, and MANY have wicked stings) and shortly the surf washed him back out with the tide and we ran for cover from the rain.

Sunday morning we had a delish breakfast on the deck of the unit, and a cuppa then checked out and headed off.  We made a stop through an open air mall to grab a coffee and browse before leaving the coast and heading home.  Ironically, the weather was fabulous from that point on lol.   I guess maybe it was the universe making sure we actually spent the time TOGETHER instead of on the go constantly :)
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