This week is all about our learning spaces,  and I'll admit that I think my post will be pretty boring lol.   We don't have a specific, separate, place that we use for school activities.  We do the largest part of our every day learning sitting right where I am now, at the dining room table :)  If you were to turn up, you would also quite regularly find Frodo working on the computer, or curled up with a book on the sofa.

Frodo, who is watching his Math U See lesson, at my usual workspace.  I REALLY need a desk area of my own again!  Ikea, I shall see you soon!  I'm looking to upgrade that expedit to a 5x5 which with the desk attachment one of these days :)

We have a separate book case where Frodo's school specific books & things go.  It lives next to the computer he uses for online school activities.   I didn't take a close up, but the shelves are in the beginning stages of being grouped by theme... so his math materials will live in one, History Odyssey stuff in another, and one is the start of our science materials & books.  (on the right of the computer, is our pet rats' condominium hehe.  They're currently grounded to the downstairs for being naughty rodents though lol)

Note the mom fuel sitting by the laptop (I had to pay Gloria Jeans a visit this morning for an iced coffee lol)
Somehow the pic of the cozy corner spot of the sofa, which is a favourite reading nook of Frodo's, got eaten during the upload.

We've also got a not linen cupboard (lol) that now houses all of our art materials, messy projects occur on the patio (art is about the only activity we can get away with this!) 

Quite a lot of our science-y stuff will take place at the good old kitchen counter/sink area

But,  for the most part, we aren't one of those lucky home school families that can do "school" on the veranda, or at the park, or in the car... Frodo is far too distract-able  for all that.  He requires a very much distraction free zone in order to focus on what he's doing.   We still do things 'out' and about, but it's kept very casual and informal and more about getting him thinking about things than hoping he retains whatever we talk about!

He does get a lot out of hands on learning, so museums/galleries, the science centre and all manner of other great places will be included in our learning spaces as the year goes on :)  And for Term 1 at least, we have his Monday co-op classes that he was most impressed with.  (Post & Pics on that later!)

Look forward to having a peek inside everyone else's learning spaces!

11 Responses
  1. Rosemary Says:

    We're dining room table home schoolers, too. Although we don't use the dining room table all that much, just for the odd dinner. Our dining room made slow conversion from a little bit homeschool to a lot homeschool with a little bit dining room.

    I too have dreams of Ikea shopping sprees and filling the house with functional desks and bookcases. Heaven. :)

  2. Caz Says:

    lol Rosemary we should talk Ikea ;) I love me some Ikea goodies! Thanks for stopping in!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, I love Ikea!!! My husband refuses to go with me. He hates the quick escape. I don't think you need a set space for homeschooling, the problem is finding a place to store all the goodies :)

  4. Caz Says:

    LOL April.. we always grab a map so we can find the 'shortcuts' they built in. Storage that keeps things from being a cluttery mess is HUGE for me... I get stressed with clutter! so this proposed Ikea trip is medicinal ;) Think I can pull that off? lol

  5. Earthwand Says:

    I'm also an IKEA groupie, I even have a card. And DH also refuses to go with me, lol. If you can get a doctor's not for IKEA therapy let us know!

  6. Sheryll Says:

    IKEA fan here, too! :) I've converted my kids, they love going there too.

  7. Kylie Says:

    I like IKEA but dislike having to go there, if that makes any sense at all!! Living so close I have however figured out all of the quick routes hehehe

  8. Ingi Mc Says:

    Another dining room schooler here too! And don't discount how much he learns through "informal" stuff! In our case it's usually retained much better than the formal work! And probably just as well our nearest Ikea is over 3 hours drive away...

  9. Erin Says:

    I have a distractable lad too, 16 now and his choice is to study in his room away from distractions. The dining room table is central and fascinating how most homes gravitate towards it.

  10. What is it about husbands hating Ikea?
    Like Kylie, I like the stuff but not the store!
    Even with our "proper" hs space, we all still gravitate to the dining room worked for us for years : )

  11. Caz Says:

    I must be a lucky one! My dh loves to go to IKEA (as long as we actually have $$ to spend at least!) Thanks for visiting ladies!