So,  we were having a lovely day Thursday ... hubby was off work so we took Frodo to swap a game he bought that he didn't love and we thought we would hit the coffee shop for a drink.  We walked in and Frodo, who will normally cook up any excuse to go get an iced chocolate... says he doesn't want anything today.  Half jokingly I say, are you feeling ok?!?!  *click goes the light bulb over my head* WAIT... are you *feeling* ok????

He IS looking rather pale, with those tell tale dark circles under his eyes.  I put my hand on his head, *sigh* and sure enough he's rocking a nice little temp...  Hubby has a feel of his throat and OH YEAH, those babies are angry about something.  The poor kid JUST finished a double long round of antibiotics 2 weeks ago :(    Hubby suggests I call the doc when we get home... how sad is it that I know the docs number from memory?  I suppose you'd expect it as often as we've been in there the last few months.  One hour later we are sitting in the waiting room.

We saw a new doc, as Frodos' regular doc wasn't on that day.  New doc says that 4 cases in 4 months is just ridiculous (glad he agrees with me on that one) and that maybe it's time to start considering a referral to discuss removing these unruly things since they won't start sounding the alarm constantly over nothing of consequence.  He thinks that playing the 'it's affecting his behaviour (due to his adhd) card' along with the 'it's affecting his learning' card  that the surgeons will be flexible with their 6 cases in 1yr guideline.  YAY, about bloody time.

I know they don't LIKE to take them out now, and I know they ARE necessary parts of the immune system .. but only when they work like they are supposed to. I figure I've been fine since mine were removed at 6, so Frodo has got to be better off without all this illness.  He'll go on a wait list anyway, but at least the ball is rolling.

Tomorrow morning we pop back in for a follow up to see how his throat is looking, and hopefully the doc gives the go ahead fro him to go ahead to his classes.  Monday is our super fun day out and it would bite to miss another one!
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