Thanks to our car being FINALLY repaired, this week we were able to make it to Frodo's weekly home school Co-op!   He was super excited and got on really well with the other kids, from where I was watching anyway :)    The group holds classes at a local church and they currently have Spanish, Science with Dr. Joe, and Art with the ever popular Ms. Liz!  

Science this week had the kids learning about water pressure.  Their experiment was called 'Bob the Blob' lol.  It consisted of a water bottle, a bit of blue tac type stuff, and a tiny balloon. Frodo would have to explain the HOW of it... but when you give the bottle a squeeze, the little 'bob' enlarges & shoots to the top of the bottle... and when you let it go, he shrinks & sinks to the bottom again      
 Like so :D
Art with Ms. Liz was pretty fun ...Frodo made a surrealist pastel 'painting' of an elephant in the style of Dali (I think it was)   Here's Frodo proudly showing off his finished product :D.  Last week the kids started surrealist cityscape paintings ... one of Frodo's friends made a spectacular peice of work that is gorgeous enough for framing!  It was done using pastels for the outlining and water colours for filling in. I think Frodo & I will keep that idea on file so that when art classes have finished, we can give it a try :)

Spanish was really good according to both the kiddo and the teacher.  I was stoked, she sought me out after class to let me know how well he behaved for the class and that he's got a good knack for language :)   He and I are going to Google up translations for the first two lessons, which we missed, & practice so he can be caught up with the class next week.  Looking forward to next week!
2 Responses
  1. Kylie Says:

    So happy he enjoyed the day :-)

    Sounds like you guys are really back into the swing of homeschooling!!

  2. Caz Says:

    Absolutely Kylie :) Very few complaints about schoolwork out of him since we started. Now that we're mobile again, he's looking forward to getting to go to more hs events :)