Is apparently NOT so common after all.   Let's say that you have a sick child and take him to the ER on the weekend and they inform you they'll test him for swine flu but it will take a few days to know.  And let's suppose that you keep said sick child out of day care on Monday because he's... well,  SICK.   On what planet would a parent think it's a GOOD idea to rock up to child care Tuesday morning with said child, having yet to recieve their results?   My answer.. NO planet, certainly not THIS one.  

This is exactly what happened at my youngest sons' day care today... and this child was in the room with a dozen other children, mine included, for TWO HOURS before being removed & quarantined. I guess after dropping him off his parents got the call that his test results were positive.. the gods only know how long it took them to call the centre and inform them that they'd be picking their little biohazard up early and why.    

I'm pissed at the centre... they should enforce their 'If your child is ill' rule of not allowing them to attend (they do not),  but most of all I'm PISSED at these stupid fucking parents for not having the good sense to look at their child and say he does not need to be in day care.  They should not have to have their hands held for this pretty cut & dry decision.   The centre is NOT closing (although MY child won't be there this week!) so they will be extremely lucky if they do not end up with a domino effect of more cases every few days.  EVERY single staff member in the building had contact with this child.. plus a dozen or so kids that were in the room playing with him for 2hours.    Not.Happy.Jan!    

Not the news I need exactly one week before I fly out to the US that's for damn sure!

In other news.. we were to be going to the Art Gallery today for a childrens workshop.  That didn't happen... Frodo announced in a most whiny voice about 10minutes away from the Gallery that he was car sick and then proceeded to spew on his brothers car seat (thankfully his brother was not IN said seat).   We laid on the grass outside the Gallery/ convention centre for about 20minutes, and when he didn't perk up after that I made the command decision to go home via the highway to head off more spewing.  Not that it worked... but at least there was only one more chuck when we were almost home.   It seems like at least half of the things that I plan to do, we end up missing because one of the three is carsick on the way there.  It's getting rather discouraging :(

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  1. Rambleman Says:

    Oh wow, I'd be pissed too, about the daycare :-( Sorry to hear your son got car sick. *hugs*