The hobbit hole is  in rather dire need of a good clean, not my first choice of activity on a Saturday but oh well.   Due to this the entire hobbit family shall be doing their part today.  When I say 'dire need', I do not mean tracks through piles of rubbish... more like 'there's a mountain of laundry waiting to get taken off the line & folded, the kids rooms are destroyed by toys (and our room isn't looking all that flash) and the floors could use a vacuum/sweep.   So really, more like an hour or two worth of work ;)  

Two moves ago, I did some fast & furious decluttering... then the last move, I did some more!  I think toys still are a bit out of control, but it's so hard to thin them out!  Clothes I thinned out a couple of weeks ago, nobody has overflowing drawers anymore (except Merry, and in his case that simply requires a diaper change lol)  and there's a healthy box of stuff to get donated.   Which may get added to today.   

Cleaning isn't the only thing that will happen of course,  we are test driving a 'netflix' type thing where we request dvd's online and they get mailed to us.  So this afternoon DH is going to watch a movie called 'The Storm Riders' with the boys,  he says he thinks it's appropriate and it's rated PG so I'll hide out & craft or read blogs, or go sit in the garden with a book and read :)   And I'll probably make them popcorn, they do love standing on the stool watching the kernels hit the glass lid to the pan.  

Frodo & Sam have pulled out the Usborne Internet Linked Encyclopedia of world history   and have been having a look at all sorts of stuff.. Frodo is patiently reading the bits of info to Sam and they're talking about what's going on in the pictures.   History without any pressure from me to learn it.  I'm liking this natural learning thing thus far...

Yesterday Sam was drawing pictures outside of various things he saw and I asked if he'd like to be able to put his name on his drawings.  He thought that'd be just grand, so I made dotted line names for him & let him have a go.  Then he asked for more tracing names, so I of course obliged.  Frodo was feeling a bit left out because I told him he didn't NEED dotted line names.  In an effort to include him, I wrote his name simply in cursive and showed him how it was done.  WOW, you'd have thought I showed him how to do the coolest thing ever!  So dad came home to find his boys out on the veranda practing their names while mum tried to read a book ;)  

I haven't exactly 'told' the boys that there is no more 'scheduled' school and that we're trying something new,  they seem to have clued in and will come to me and ask to 'do math' or play headsprout etc  almost daily.  But there's no stress on me to get it done, and no stressed mum grumping at them when they get silly instead of focusing.   I really don't have any doubts that, at this rate, we'll be ticking off quite a few KLA's (key learning areas, our form of reporting) to show that the boys have definitely been learning. 

I've been procrastinating long enough, in the name of updating my blog, so I should go help out before DH feels unloved!  

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