Well I wondered why the few commenters that post on my little blog have been so quiet despite relatively regular posting!  A friend has reported that there is an issue with the comments feature on my blog.. I thought it was my posh new template, but I switched to a boring old standard one and it was still a no go :(   I'm attempting to work it out though.. don't go away!
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5 Responses
  1. WOOT that was an easy enough fix! lol. Apparently this very cool template has 'post pages' disabled, making it unable to have comments embedded. My apologies for the pop up though!

  2. Kylie Says:

    at least it is working.

    Can I link to your blog from the LHEN Network blog? I was going to include a category of member blogs, if that's cool with you?

  3. Please do Kylie :) I think a list of everyone's blogs would be great!

  4. Rambleman Says:

    Yeah, I noticed a couple of weeks ago, tried emailing you, but you changed addies. Glad your friend got a hold of you to fix it. I thought was MY browser settings.

  5. Thanks for attempting to let me know ;) I did go into my blogger profile & change the email, but it must have been after you tried!