Ok, I'm going to try this again (blogger ate my post and I bitched a little about it here ;)  Yesterday Sam, Frodo & I went on an adventure to a somewhat local Medieval Tournaments kids' day.  It was much further than I thought (about 100km total) and we got seriously (but briefly thank Goddess!) lost on the way there, and it rained.  Ye gods did it rain lol  <----See the 'castle'?  Amazingly enough it's a giant 'set' sort of.. totally fake, and the kids thought it very cool.  It was placed on the tournament grounds to add a bit of ambiance and every kid there was just fascinated!

There were tons of activities...we did brass rubbings, medieval coin making, crown, mask & shield painting (those three were huge hits).  We listened to a few olden tales, and Samwise even tried out Stilts!   He was happy enough to get a couple of steps with the gentleman helping him though, and wasn't keen to have another go.  There were Middle Eastern & medieval dancers, drummers & drum making workshops;  junior knight training, archery workshops  and lots of food on a stick ;)   Food on a stick is always a hit at these things for some reason.

(blogger rearranged mah photos sorry)  Here Sam & Frodo 'stormed the castle gates' and tried to get those gargantuan doors open, to no avail.   This was during a rare moment where it was only barely misting, the rest of the day there was a very annoying light, steady rain.  The grounds were slicker than owl sh*t in places as well.  I felt rather like a pack mule carting around umbrellas x3 (when the boys were in an activity), my handbag, and their Great Helms (see photo below!) among other things.

Here are Sir Frodo & Sir Samwise (Frodo is in red) posing with their little wooden shields and great helms.  They have barely taken those things off lol.  And below is a photo of Sam's very own 'Edward I silver penny' ..which he is sleeping with tonight (it's a lucky coin I'd say.. it already survive the washing machine thanks to it's trusty plastic baggie!  I figure these will be great keepsakes for the boys to have.. but seeing how they will get lost, thank goodness for digital photos and blogs to prove they ever existed.                                                          


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