Sometime during the night, as he always does, little Merry came toddling down the hall and hauled himself up into our bed.  This actually happened twice, but the first time he was redeposited in his own bed, after he decided that NOBODY was allowed blankets on, and that he had to sleep parallel to the headboard :S  

The second time he realized he had to at least be reasonable if he wanted to stay ;)  Dh gets out of bed at 430am, leaving just me & Merry for a queen sized bed... somehow I still end up with no bed or blankets.  Go figure.   When Merry wakes up we usually lay in bed and cuddle and he sings to me and asks 30times 'what doin mummy?' as I try not not be awake, and fail miserably lol.  (Which is followed by 'are you ok mummy??' to which I must reply lest I scare the poor kid!)   This morning I was serenaded by the dude singing some Josh Groban and met with THIS sight ..

 ZOMG! lol  This child is a combat sleeper (I coined that phrase with Sam, who thrashes around in bed to the point that we hear him banging into the walls all the way down the hall!) and I'm fairly sure that when we aren't in the room, he stands on his head to sleep.   Or he steps out into a hurricane .. or something LOL.

This is totally the reason I grew my hair out longer... because when it's short, I look precisely like that when I wake up.  Skeery.

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