Why, oh why, did it never occur to me that there would be NICE, free blogger templates somewhere to download?   Ok ok.. it DID occur to me, I just never bothered looking *sheepish gryn*   As you can see if you're reading this, I finally got around to it and I found the perfect template for my little blog.  

When I came up with the pseudonyms that I use for the boys, the only group of 3 names I could think of was the Hobbits from Lord of the Rings and they seemed to fit fairly well to boot.   Well, when I came across the Hobbit blog template here  , I just had to have it :D   I hope you like it as much as I do!

I don't think I've ever mentioned on here just what a LOTR geek I am?  I was heartbroken when I heard that the people in NZ that owned the land Hobbit town was build on were just dismantling it! I know I for one, would have paid damn good money to go there as a holiday spot.. it being just across the ditch was just that much more convenient!   Probably about every 3months or so The Ritual begins... I get the hankering to watch The Trilogy again and we start from the beginning.  It takes us a few weekends to finish it (hey, we're old we like sleep... and 9+hours of movie would be impossible at one go with 3 hobbits of our own underfoot).

So no, there's not a better template out there for me... Unless someone knows of a REALLY good Coffee themed one ;)

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