My son is NOT the type of kid that would walk up to a girl with a visibly broken & bandaged toe and then stomp & twist his foot on hers.  Yet, that is what the school expects me to believe.  He brought home a BRO, which is a form the children have to fill out when they did something wrong.  In it they must detail what the incident was, and what they should do instead next time.  On it he stated he wasn't paying attention when he walked up to the student to ask her for something, and that he didn't intend to step on her foot.  He did write that some of the other kids say he did stomp but that he did not.  A teacher, or the principal, actually wrote that it happened the way everyone else said.    I'm fed up, and I've emailed & called the principal but no reply yet.

Not that it matters... the school has labeled Frodo as a 'problem' despite him having diagnosed special needs.  And as my DH says, the minute we tried medication for him, the school gave up on him.  The communication book that was started to help him & us with feedback on how he did each day has not been seen for the entirety of this term (5 weeks).  No matter what the problem is, it is ALWAYS Frodo's fault and there are ALWAYS other students willing to attest to the fact that he did X, Y or Z.    Coincidentally, these are all the same kids that exclude, ostracize and bully him both inside & outside of school hours... but the principal doesn't, or won't, see this.    I guess the problem doesn't exist if you put blinders on and look the other way?

As I said, I've called (left a msg) as well as emailed the principal and have gotten no response.  I also wrote a long reply to the stupid letter that I was required to sign :)  and I have emailed his teacher asking if HE was there and could he please enlighten me about the situation since the principal isn't bothering to do so.  I am almost done with his learning program, so I guess that is priority #1, since I can't see him remaining there even the last 5 weeks if he is not even going to be listened to. 

In the remotest possibility that it IS true that he did what he is accused of, I would sort of have to blame the school for allowing the other kids to continue to mistreat him for the entire year... who WOULDN'T be angry and act out at that point?  They have known of the situation all year, yet really not done enough.  Can't wait to get this kid home again, so he can start to heal from the year of misery he has been through :(   I feel guilty for not seeing exactly how much it was affecting him sooner (I did know he was struggling, and pushed for help and got some but I had no idea he was so angry inside)
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  1. Kez Says:

    Can you just pull him out now on 'medical grounds'? Stress or something?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Is there any reason why you couldn't pull him out now? In SA at least it is acceptable to remove a child from school before your approval. Especially since you have such a good reason.
    And even if it were not acceptable there is no way I would send my son into that environment if there were any choice in the matter.
    There must be some truely dreadful people in that class :(

  3. Kylie Says:

    Oh far out Caz, yeah there's only a few weeks, just don't send him back.....Look forward to seeing you more of you guys :-)

  4. Caz Says:

    The not being able to officially withdraw him until I have provisional registration was actually from the Home Ed unit of Education Qld :( However, yesterday he shared that the older boys have taken to calling him a name that is just inappropriate for primary school... why on earth do kids under the age of 12 think they need to make slurs about the sexual orientation of a kid who hasn't even THOUGHT about girls/boys???

    So yeah, I'll be posting his education plan off Monday (which gives me provisional registration) and if anything needs more 'beef' to it for the HEU, they'll contact me to work on it. I do not think he is going back.

  5. Kez Says:

    Yay that you're pulling him out and hugs..