Is going along rather swimmingly, if I do say so myself :)  We did not get to go to the bowling/art gallery outings today unfortunately.  Strider was supposed to be off work today to stay with Merry & be here for the rental inspection.. but his boss decided they'd just start late instead.  I'm not complaining about the money of course ;) but we were looking forward to it.  Instead we picked up a nice bakery snack and popped into the bookstore and picked up some fun reading material.  And I do believe we're going to go to the office supply store & pick up a few bits like a binder for his subject notebooks, and a zippered pencil case that has binder holes in it (IF I can find one) so Frodo can always find a pencil etc if he has his binder handy. 

Frodo is using Time4Learning to fill the last 4 weeks of the 'school year' .. I figure it'd be a pain to start our actual planned curriculum and then stop for summer break!  We may go somewhat through breaks during the year, but after the year this poor boy has had, he deserves a nice long break!  So far, he seems to be enjoying the program.  He happily logs on and does at least one activity of each section ... today he did an antonyms lesson + quiz, some multiplication review, an activity about the layers of the earth (and wrote notes in his science notebook & did a diagram & pasted it in) and did the quiz on that too.  We did the section of social studies on the Olmecs and wrote some of the important bits in his notebook yesterday, and today we grabbed out the Usborne IL Encyclopedia  and read a little more about them and cruised a few links.

I am liking the T4L for the fact that he is enthusiastic about ANYthiNG on the computer, the activities are relatively brief (a god/dess send with his attention span), and we can then add to it with other resources!  I may end up having to add Samwise to the account because I can see Frodo wanting to continue over summer with it since it's only an hour or so worth of 'work'... and Sam will get quite jealous! 

And I have just been told I have the most beautiful gift coming from a lovely friend!  I adore the artwork in Barefoot Books, but they are not available widely in Australia (you find a *few* here and there on Aussie book sites, and the odd one in Borders.. is Borders still Borders here?? lol).  I soooooo wish the company would get on opening an Aussie distributorship, I would sign on to sell them in a split second!  (if just for the discount LOL)  So to my wonderful friend, thank you!  It will be a lovely holiday gift for the boys..and *sheepish* me lol, because I love a gorgeous book :)  
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  1. Kylie Says:

    So happy your week is going well.

  2. Kez Says:

    Its almost mandatory to go to an office supply store, isn't it?! Or is that just me with a stationery fetish?! :)

    Things sound like they're going well!

  3. Caz Says:

    Thanks ladies :D Nope, you aren't the only one Kez lol.

    Pardon the snafu website background! I am obviously going to have to go to change it (which means figuring out how!)