So last week was our 2nd week of home schooling, and Frodo is still happier than the proverbial pig in poo lol.  He's been working very hard at it, but he's clearly still getting used to the situation.  Friday morning when I told Sam his uniform was on my bed, he asked what about MY uniform... before going "OH, yeah right!" hehehe  Sam doesnt' seem too bothered that Frodo isn't going to school with him now... although in my eyes he's a little sad walking up the path to his classroom all alone.   He is already telling me how next year he wants to walk Merry to HIS classroom and pick him up to meet me at the gate in the afternoon.  So clearly he misses even that little walk in with his brother. 

Frodo was a bit under the weather most of last week, and I had full intentions of just letting him veg till he felt better.  But he was having none of it... as I got Sam ready for school he asked 'MUM, when you take Sam to school can you log me onto T4L before you go?' (the school is 200m away, and while normally we'd walk.. if I have to pop over to the shop or something we will drive) I dropped Sam off, hit woolies for milk & bread and was back 30mins later (relax his teenage brother was here :P  and Frodo rang me twice in that time anyway lol). 

That day he spent ages learning about the Olmecs (and I think moved on to the Phoenicians), doing multiplication, learning about the layers of the earth, and doing a whole unit worth of the language arts lol.  So much for a sick day!   The rest of the week was much the same, except Thursday, when we had to drop off the hubbies van at the shop and then go into the CBD.  Frodo riding into the city is a stretch any time, but after having spent a couple of nights with queasy tummy we got the teen to supervise him.  When we returned (with a posh iced chocolate for the teen as payment ;) Frodo had QUITE the temperature!  Our doctors are awesome and had a spot for him in 10minutes if we could get there.. SOLD I replied :)    It turns out the boy has quite a case of tonsillitis *sigh*   And seeing his history with NOT getting better on his own, the doc opted to offer us antibiotics straight away. 

A few days of gatorade and E-mycin he's perked right up thankfully!  Just in time for the homeschool group park day tomorrow morning at a very cool park about 5minutes away from us.   He's very much looking forward to the morning and meeting (or re-meeting) some other home schooled kids.    This is going to be a pretty light week for him, we've got park day tomorrow  and then Thursday is a christmas ceramics workshop which should be excellent fun! 

For Sam, it's the last 2 weeks of school (which he loves, so I can see him being a pain in the backside during holidays lol).  I'm a bit miffed as I didn't realize today was the deadline for buying the pass for the term4 disco... hubby rang the school and asked if she could write us in for a hand deal and we'd come fill out a form and pay in the morning.  Her answer was NO it is already closed... this was 5minutes past 3pm, so it's not like they had ordered the bloody food since the end of school?!?  So, because he lost the form (I think his waterbottle leaked in his bag and he tossed it out) and I didn't realize the deadline, he gets to miss out on something he was excited about.  And the cranky cow at the school desk doesn't really care.  /rant  Ok, Sam isn't heartbroken or anything... he will dress up at home, we'll bbq sausages & have ice cream after and play dance music at home for him :)   I'm just annoyed.

Then in the last week of school there is an awards day... and his teacher emailed to say he will be getting an award (that he doesn't know about!) and asking if we'd like to come.  So of course, I'll pop down for that.. he will be so surprised and excited :)   

In other news... I've gotten really BAD about remembering to take pics to put up with my posts (which sorta happens when one doesn't post for months I guess? lol)  so my project for the week is to have at least a couple of photos to add to my weekly wrap!  Remind me in comments if I do not  :P
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  1. Kez Says:

    yay for antibiotics! But boo to the school - sounds like power had fone to the admin staff's head :(

    Glad the homeschooling is going well & congrats to Sam for his award.