For every.single.child in their class! They would have no hair left if they did! ;)

I must write a plan that:
a. has regard to the age, ability, aptitude and development of the child concerned;
b. takes account and promotes continuity of the learning experiences of the child concerned;
c. is responsive to the changing needs of the child concerned; 
d. reflects and takes into account current understandings related to educational and other development of children;  
e. is responsive to the child’s need for social development;
f. is supported by sufficient and suitable resources;
g. is conducted in an environment conducive to learning.

Wow... they don't want much do they?  lol  I suppose it really isn't that difficult for just one child though.
A. clearly I won't write a plan for high school, since Frodo is 10. 
B. well that's just edubabble that I'm assuming means we'll have 'regular' learning activities.
C. is easily enough met by saying 'doing x and moving on as he is ready'.
D. Got that covered with the whole cross curricular learning thing :D
E. Well, since he has been miserable with the 'social development' school offered for the last 9months, I don't see how I can fail?  I think I'm being responsive to this particular need by removing him from school :)
F.  I'm a curriculum whore... there I said it!  I LOVE scouring the web for, and usually buying lol, great books and other learning material.  I did even when the boys all at school even *hides*
G. As Merry would say, easy easy lemon squeezy!  Our house has books, computers, the internet, space... oh, and NO 34 other children....we'll be just fine.
The Home Education Unit wants a 'term by term' breakdown (more to show that we have an understanding of how long things will take to work through I think). I am currently writing Frodo's learning plan for the next year, I've gotten into term 2 now with my 'general' plan of what we'll be studying.  I'm not getting OVERLY specific.... it's a lot of  'We'll cover approx. the first 1/4 of the History Odyssey lessons, allowing extra time as needed if he becomes interested in a topic!'  then c&p in the next term changing the numbers ;)  and adding in a visit to the museum when this exhibit is on, and a trip to the local theatre as an arts excursion. 
I have decided on most of what we'll be using this year (links to come in the sidebar!) although I'm loving two science programs and don't want to give either up LOL. 
Math U See (delta & gamma, then moving on as he is ready)
Mathletics subscription
Timez Attack (multiplication computer game)
History Odyssey Ancients level 2 (encompasses history/sose, as well as literature, geography, composition,
      and Vocabulary
Typing Tournament (touch typing instructional computer program)
Real Science 4 Kids
Real Science Odyssey (we will be using these programs to complement one another as one has more 
      information and the other has more fun experiments!)
Reading a-z membership (comprehension)
Writing a-z membership (additional composition activities)
Youtube, the internet, and the library!

There will undoubtedly be more, and that doesn't include the great Home Education group we're rejoining!  They run some terrific weekly classes in everything from sign language, to spanish, to art & drama. 

I'm hoping to be done with this by the end of next week, as I have to have it recieved at the HEU before we can withdraw him.  I don't know if the school will give him his report for the 2nd half of the year or not, but apparently it doesn't matter as he will automatically be registered at the grade of his agemates ;)

Ok, I have procrastinated enough.. back to work!
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