It's been positively glorious weather here lately, and even pretended to be summer last week by throwing a few little thunderstorms our way! (and filling up our rain water tank woot!)  So, in honour of that I thought I'd get ahead of myself and decorate my blog for summer :D     I'm a bit of a geek, I like to deck my blog out for the seasons as they come, and since December will be taken up by various holiday themes I wasn't about to miss out on summer themes until January!   

AND thanks to Delightful Dots awesome tutorials,  I was even able to tweak my template to 3 columns :D    I'm feeling all techy geeky and pleased with myself.. or was, until I realized that I'd accidentally summerified my sons blog by accident!  Without even asking him *sigh*  So now, if he doesn't like it, I get to try to do a mulligan lol.   

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5 Responses
  1. Heh. I know that feeling of "techy geeky". I was thrilled with myself when I figured out how to add a 3rd column. I like your summery blog - it is a little shock after visiting all the autumnal ones! LOL

  2. My son wants us to live with you for November-March.

  3. Celestite Says:

    This is great. There are so many creative people offering free decorations for the blogs, it is tempting to change once a least. Of course I came over here with my first cup of coffee in hand and was trying to figure out what the right hand side said...s...u...m....what is this? lol

  4. How festive! I love it! What a fun idea! We like to do a luau in late January to scare away the winter blues - I'll have to also include making my blog summery, too! Love it!

  5. Wendy lol... you should pay a visit down here (we're only 9hrs away by air hehe) if you want a shock! 31C here today!

    BB.. please feel free to win lotto & come down for an extended visit!

    Celestite... good thing they offer freebies, or I'd have an ugly blog ;) Cause I can't create web stuff myself to save my life lol.

    Witchymom, thanks :) glad to know I'm perking up the winter blahs for people hehehe.