Isn't this little dude the cutest thing??   I was on the prowl for printable learning games on the web and ran across Learning Treasures  where I found the cutest set of stationery ever for little boys (and adventurous little girls!) featuring Whimsical Dragons (and conveniently enough, named this as well ;)   For the vast fortune that is 1.99USD,   I downloaded 22 pages of his cute self featured in writing papers, bookmarks, reading lists, assignment lists etc etc.  I am so hitting a copy shop in the next week!  

But 1.99 is a silly amount to put on one's credit card, don't you think? (actually debit :D)  So I was giddy when I saw the Early Learning pack  featuring my adorable, fire breathing friend!   There are matching letter and number matching activities,  flash cards that are beyond adorable (we don't really USE flashcards, but the kids love to play with them in various ways and I figure it will help Sam .. and later Merry, with their letter recognition) and just piles of stuff to make the cutest file folder games with.   Perfect for my little dudes who were just yesterday out on the veranda, practicing their dragon slaying skillz with their stuffed toys lol.  

I would stay and actually write a reasonable post, but it is 38C/100F at our house right now, and the air conditioned lounge room calls I'm afraid!  Maybe I'll return tonight when it's cooler to share what we've been up to the last week or so :)

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  1. Kylie Says:

    oo I am checking that.

    Have you had a look at my other blog Free Homeschool Printables, there is one or two games there, might be a bit young for your guys but if you have a look on the blogs that have made the games they may have something more suitable.

  2. LOL I thought of you when I posted it! I vaguely remembered having a look at the ones you had up, I think they might be ok still for Sam and Merry will be following along shortly as well! So I'm sure all this cool stuff will get lots of use :)

    These aren't free, but they are just a dollar or two so I'm not complaining!

  3. Kylie Says:

    yes I've bookmarked to look at later, thanks :)