Mad catch up post alert!   I got a bit swamped last week so here are a few pics to show what we got up to.   In our History Odyssey, we are back in ancient Egypt... Frodo's favourite subject (historically speaking).   This time around it's Egpyt's Empire and every life in Ancient Egypt.   Fun project for the week was building Egyptian riverboats like the ones that would have been used for trading on the Nile.  Ok, so ours were made of paper towel tubes, pencils & felt scraps... but it was fun! 

Ta-da!  Frodo was very proud..  blogger has eaten the photo of Sam's golden river boat (as it is missing from this post grrr)  but you can see the tip (is that the bow/prow or stern? lol) of it following Frodo's as they went trading up the Nile... which was filled in for by our dark blue living room carpet hehe.  

Frodo also drew a gorgeous picture of what he learned about in this lesson, for his history notebook.  It is a boat very much like that one hauling money back up the Nile from selling gold (Frodo narrated it for me :) with big waves lapping at the hull and a bright desert sun riding high in the sky.  I really should frame that one for his wall I think.  (and should have taken a pic of it for this post but I had a brain cramp,  that's picture fail x2 for me today!)   

Among other things this past week, we bought & carved our pumpkin for Halloween.  The boys helped me pick out a very cute template to use.  Here's Frodo busy poking holes to outline the pattern (he's using a tiny screwdriver, so no panicked notes about knives please :)  

We also finished up the Halloween lapbook project.  As much as I try to like lapbooks, they annoy me lol.  I think we'll transition to notebooking pages that can be inserted into their various notebooks.  

HERE is the finished result of our hard work on said pumpkin!  The boys were QUITE pleased with him.  Don't ya love that playful wink?  Who'da thunk spiders could be so darn cute!?!

We also ventured out to a big Halloween street party and had an OK time.  I was a bit disappointed because the council apparently OVER advertised it and it was so crowded you couldn't turn around   :(    Traffic & parking were a nightmare and the tiny business district of Manly just is not big enough to support enough stalls, entertainment, rides etc to keep nearly 10k people happily amused for an evening.   We left after an hour at most.  But the kids had fun...  

 As evidenced by them hangin out with the chauffeur to the damned here, waiting for the parade to begin ;)   Note to self:  do NOT get Frodo a costume of a corpse next year,  he was not amused by the screenprinted ribcage on the front *sigh*   That kid is gonna be the death of me with his sensitive side ;)  Then there's Sam.. who was very put out that I did not have vampire teeth complete with bloody dripping from them to complete HIS costue @@.

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  1. The spider Jack O'Lantern is adorable!

    Aw, the boys look great. Did they have a fabulous time or what? Did they get loads of candy?

    Happy Beltane and Halloween to you!

  2. My son's favorite book on Egypt is We're Sailing Down the Nile (yep, sold through my website). He loves that there are Goddess facts throughout the book and educational info at the end of the book.

    Have you seen the Playmobil Pyramid yet?

  3. Looks like fun! I love the boat! The pumpkin really came out well! My son was afraid of some costumes this year, too. He's definately my sensitive one as well :)

  4. Wendy, Thanks! They had a better time than I did lol, I hate crowds! They did get a few handfuls of candy .. and we got them some 'lucky dip' bags of goodies :)

    BB... I actually found that book locally believe it or not! I sincerely wish BB would start Aussie distribution so it wouldn't cost an unreal fortune .. they have the most lovely books.

    Witchy mom.. yeah we'll be sticking to pirates or something next year for him lol.

  5. Kez Says:

    Looks like some great activities last week!

  6. veganf Says:

    The pumpkin spider looks great!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog and letting me know about the bad link for the swiss chard recipe...fixed it!

    Also, had our 4th baby been another boy we'd have named him Samwise. I doubt we'll have a 5th, but we really love the name Sam too.

    - Krista