One could swear it was summer today.  It's not that hot (only about 85F ish), but that'll come in time.  One sure tell tale sign that spring is not long for this world, is when you take a drive and the landscape (fairly urban) is just dotted everywhere with the most amazingly vivid purple you can imagine.  Yep,  Jacaranda season has come to South East Australia.  Brisbane is particularly famous for our Jacarandas apparently (so sayeth the Wiki :) and when I went out yesterday to do a few errands I could see why!   THIS is what I saw everywhere I looked!   

 Isn't that colour just surreal?   They are huge trees.. and they flower naked so there is no green to compete with that stunning electric purple-blue.   Some people moan and whine because they make an equally stunning mess as they drop their flowers en mass (still beautiful if you ask me!) But I say they don't know how to appreciate life.  Jacarandas will be done flowering within a month, and a month or so with purple all over your grass, and the foot paths (step carefully! they get slippery) and then in one fell swoop you can sweep them up and be rid of them.  But for now... why not revel in the signpost that mother Nature has sent letting us know loud & clear that summer is on it's way!?  

The wheel of the year is turning far too rapidly towards summer for my taste,  so I think I'll stop & smell the jacarandas ;)

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5 Responses
  1. Wow, the jacarandas are beautiful! What gorgeous trees! Enjoy all those lovely blossoms.

  2. Thanks Wendy, and that's just ONE of them! As you drive into the city near me (which is at a lower elevation) you see purple splotches all over the skyline :) Another great reason to love October!

  3. How lovely! I can almost smell them from here!

  4. Kez Says:

    We have a gorgeous older suburb near us that is lined with jacarandas. They haven't come out yet - I guess because we're a bit cooler than you - but it's absolutely glorious when they do.

  5. Kez... PHOTOS! we require photos when they bloom :D Sounds lovely!