(have I started  a post with that title before? with all the sick this year, I'm not entirely sure.  If so, forgive my lack of creativity ;)  

I figure a few people probably started to wonder. I'm on what I hope will be my last round of antibiotics. I have been sick now for almost 4weeks... I know this because I got sick on a Saturday just before the belly dance school I attend started a 2week holiday, and last night I missed the 2nd class back. *sigh* I fear the mysterious world of veils will be lost on me next Monday (this is me being optomistic that I will even BE there Monday ;D Anyway... if this Augmentin doesn't kill me, (with it's headaches, dizziness & crampy guts), it will surely make me better ... or possibly turn me into a mutant. In the latter case, I have dibs on invisibility as a mutant power.

Schoolwise the monsters are having a good run so far this week! Frodo is doing a review mathbook (well the part he is doing right now is review, it probably gets harder :) until we get his new math program in. He's also been mad libbing like crazy, practicing his parts of speech. This week in science we are learning about Fungi! Tomorrow we start growing our own fungi (damp paper towel in a zippy bag + 1)slice of bread or 2) piece of vegetable) to see which grows mold first. I suppose I could just dig the ever present forgotten something from the bag of the fridge... but that doesn't 'really' count as a science experiment lol. We also read about the Babylonians and how they had the first written laws (the Hammurabi code) and how they worked out that the earth went around the sun in one year. They took that a bit further and divided that into 12 months..and then worked out how many days were in a month as well as that the day was 24hrs of 60minutes. I'm guessing they used different terminology of course, but Frodo thought it was very cool.  

Sam has been cruising through Headsprout episodes and acing the printing readiness program I found online (it's really more a series of worksheets... but program sounds much more flash hehe) It really is helping him though, because the other day I wrote his name and he copied it VERY WELL several times! And he's been practicing on our white board, since mum saw fit to score a package of crayola dry erase markers :D EIGHT colours of low odour, dry erase fun woohoo! He has not stopped writing since I got them, seriously.  

Today we started our Halloween lapbook project (which sadly I cannot find any info on the mama in the states who created it so I can't get permission to share it! waaaaaaaahhh) and I think the kids would have done the whole darn thing if I'd let them. As it was we talked about the history of Halloween & Samhain (and went through the whole pronunciation thing.. although far too many adults mispronounce Samhain so I should cut a 7yo some slack eh?... it's actually Sow-in for the non pagans about.. it's Gaelic I think?) and we learned some of the symbols of Halloween J Heaps of fun, and I have laid the project out so that it takes us right up to the 31st.

And totally unrelated to anything… we just scored a nice bit of cash back from the govt, so a trip to IKEA is in order! This weekend the boys will be spending Saturday night with their Nana & grandpa so we are sneaking to Ikea to buy them a Kura bed (to be used as a high bed, with bed underneath for Sam) and a new ‘theme’ bedding. We’re kinda hoping to find some rockin’ pirate themed stuff, or maybe castle/knight. The idea is Sunday afternoon when they come home, they find an AWESOMELY cool bedroom. I always wanted that bedroom when I was a kid, but mine was always boring and functional… this little bit of magic I can give to my kids I figure! Of course photos will be forthcoming.
3 Responses
  1. Tammie Lee Says:

    Wishing you vitality and health!
    Have a wonderful time shopping! Such lucky kids.

  2. Thanks Tammie Lee :) I need the vitality & health lol. I'm feeling quite great today though!

    I usually try not to spoil my boys with 'things' so much, but a magical private space was always something I yearned for as a child..but always had boring bedrooms that seemed nothing more than a space to sleep! I can't wait to surprise them with their own little spaces :)

  3. Kez Says:

    Invisibility would be cool :)

    Glad to see you're still in the land of the living..