Today was kindy for Merry,  so since I had to drag myself out of the house anyway, I thought I'd take the boys to the shops for something from the bakery (and to pick up a steam mop because I'm afraid I've killed the enjo mop head and am ready to try something new).   I also had a free coffee on my frequent sippers card at my fave coffee haunt, so we stopped in there.  

After our bite to eat, we hit the store to pick up our few necessities (ok, do construction paper & new crayons count as necessities? hehe)  we came out to see a crowd of children sitting around an arena that had been constructed out of little wrought iron fencing.  Inside was a guy (cannot remember the exact name of the company, but it was Dragon something .. Kylie shout out if you know him I think he's the same guy that you arranged earlier this year) doing an awesome reptile show!  Samwise was instantly hooked.  They got to pet a turtle and a roughly 4foot long & 4yr old salt water croc (whose mouth was taped shut, sad, but necessary for safety cause he looked PISSED OFF).  The crowning glory of the visit however, was Sam HOLDING a python around his shoulders!   

How cool is that!?!?   He practically jumped up and down to get to hold this snake (then again, this is the boy who loved the naked mole rat), so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by this :)   Big brother was not quite as keen on the snakey love, and passed on the chance to hold him lol.   

Oddly enough I was chatting with a lady who was watching the show, she must have been about 50 or so, and I happened to mention that we usually come up every week and that I'd forgotten it was school holidays since we homeschool.  And would ya believe SHE said she homeschooled her kids in high school lol.  That was a shock, and we had a nice chat about this & that and all the commentary homeschool mums *usually* get about WHY aren't your kids in school!?!?!  (although I've not gotten any snooty responses to hs'ing as of yet, more surprised 'wow, you can do that? ' or 'well it's gotta be better than public schools!')

Sam also scored a rockin pirate hat from a halloween display at the newsagent, but my phone is being a fascist and won't mail it to me GRRRR,  so his day was totally made!  He didn't even want to go to the playground, which is good, cause mums' lungs were just about done for and we had to make a hasty retreat home so I could rest.   All this in only 2 hours ;)   Ooops, sorta never got around to the schoolwork I had planned *sheepish* 

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  1. It sounds like a fabulous day all around. It is so nice to talk to someone who understands! Holding a snake is FUN. I'm so glad the boys got to see such a cool show.